Google Reportedly Separating Its Photo Services From Google+


Over the past few years Google has spent a great deal of effort trying to consistently improve and add to its photo service lineup. However, as robust and useful as the platform has become, its main caveat is the need to have the photographs you’re wanting to edit tied into your Google+ account. But, according to a report from Bloomberg, that might not be the case much longer.

According to sources of Bloomberg, Google is looking to spinoff its photo services to those who don’t desire to be a part of Google+. Google has yet to confirm or deny the rumored spinoff, but a Google spokesperson said in an email to Engadget that, “Over here in our darkroom, we’re always developing new ways for people to snap, share and say cheese.” Take it as you will.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any further information.

In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed and eyes peeled.

(via Engadget)

  • csmif

    people actually use google+??

  • meaghdalena

    Omg! For real!? Google is actually going to SEPARATE some part of itself from G+??? After all their efforts to try and FORCE people into using G+ are they finally understanding???? Can I make a request that they disconnect YouTube next please???? Pretty please!!!!! I hate google plus. Does anyone actually use it???

  • Richard Friedman

    Maybe they should disconnect Google+. Maybe just turn it off.

  • Skwty

    No, that’s why the company is separating.

  • Peter Stewart

    I don’t understand the hate on G+
    It’s actually a really decent network for finding likeminded people who share the same interests. For photographers, it’s a best social network there is.

  • DocPop

    The first thing G+ did was ban some of it’s most active community members with their names policy. Then Google killed Reader in hopes of moving old users onto their new platform. Then they integrated the G+ bar at the top Gmail and Google search results. Then the Youtube integration which couldn’t have gone much worse. When people talk about G+, they aren’t really talking about the service, they are talking about all the bad decisions Google made behind it.