Soldier’s Geotagged Instagram Selfies Land Russia and Putin in Hot Water

While Russia continues to claim it has no involvement in the civil conflict in Ukraine, the selfie-strewn Instagram profile of Russian soldier Sanya Sotkin may tell a slightly different story. A story which is landing Russian President, Vladimir Putin in even more hot water than he’s already in.

With the unwanted help of the ‘Photomap’ feature in Instagram, the 24-year-old’s Instagram profile shows a number of self-portraits that are geotagged inside the borders of Ukraine. More particularly, inside rebel-controlled territory, some of it dangerously close to the location of where Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was tragically shot down, killing all 298 people on board.

From photographs during training to dozens of selfies, Sotkin’s profile is full of inadvertent intelligence that could help pin Russia for its undesired presence in the dangerous unrest.

Claiming to be a communication expert, Sotkin posted on July 7th, “I still don’t understand what we’re doing here, so we’re continuing to go slightly crazy, listen to #swedishhousemafia and wait for new news from Ukraine!”

There are no details on whether or not the soldier will be reprimanded in any way. But it’s safe to assume that Russia will soon be looking to prohibit any such forms of communication of soldiers while in the line of duty. This, of course, to stop other nations from using this accidental intelligence against Russia’s potentially-illegal endeavors.

(via The Drum)

  • NM2000

    It’s funny because he’s an idiot.

    I don’t know why militaries allow soldiers to carry personal devices into the field anyway.

  • Alexander Loff

    Minority has the right to their opinion and the right to live as their ancestors did, mind you, in their own land. They lived there always.
    They did not go to Kiev to bomb civilians homes and factories. They proposed federalization. But the new government named by their enemies, and became simply kill.
    Events in Odessa is an example (By the way, where the results of the investigation? Where the results of the investigation of sniper shootings in Kiev? Where are the results of the investigation into the shooting measure Kharkov?).
    After that, they had no other option as to fight for their rights.

    Yes, Russia has held the lands from the Pacific Ocean to the Danube. Note the Turks out of Europe drove the Russian soldiers and they are still grateful to the Balkans and even in the Alps. And the Crimea at the time was the Russian, also because it has become very costly to the proximity to the Crimean Khan, who plundered southern lands and Ukraine, which was a plot of land at that time.
    Was even Alaska.
    You jealous :)
    While enlightened Europeans killed the Indians and traded slaves, turning the whole world into their colonies, Russia arrived cold earth and all peoples still live there where they lived. Even those people who resettling Stalin returned and fully rehabilitated.
    This is our land. And we are strong so that we can live together very different.

    And another note.
    Where and how many military bases the United States?
    Where and how many Russian military bases?

    If you are not blind, you have to see who is trying to control everything.

    Please write about photography.


    So that’s what happened to Gomer Pyle …

  • tugorkan

    Many Russian soldiers have grannies in Ukraine. I believe, Sanya came to visit his granny. So, everything is legal.