Photographer Peeks Inside Cheap Plastic Toys with X-Ray Photo Series


Australian photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick uses images to document the hidden side of things. More specifically, he documents the inside of things.

Having turned his sights on flora and fauna, Fitzpatrick decided to peek inside the world of cheap plastic children’s toys for his series Invisible Light.

One of the first things Fitzpatrick looks for when hunting for toys to shoot is whether or not the shape of the toy will be recognizable in the final X-Ray photo. Generally his finds are purchased from discount stores and cheap toy shops.

Once he has a toy subject in hand, he visits radiology labs in order to borrow their medical X-Ray machines. The resulting images are black and white, so some color infusing is done to turn strange looking X-Ray images into colorful works of art.

The series shows that even toys that are relatively simple and cheap on the outside can be filled with quite a bit of intricacies when you look inside:














You can view larger versions of these photographs and purchase prints over on the project’s website.

Invisible Light (via Wired)

Image credits: Photographs by Brendan Fitzpatrick and used with permission

  • OtterMatt

    If they made an x-ray sensor for DSLRs, could you just shoot with the lens cap on?

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Maybe, but it might fog your shot like a crappy filter? (^_^)

  • carbonware

    So if I understand this right, this guy takes toys to medical facilities has the radiologist take an image and he scans in the film, adds color and somehow he is the photographer and gets paid? I wonder if he gives bylines to the radiologists? You know the good folks who are risking their careers to help him take pictures of toys? And does his insurance pay for the image, hospital lab use, radiologist time? Or are we all covering his hobby with our insurance?