Humor: Local Woman Prints iPhone Photos, Leaving Friends and Family Shocked


In a move that sent shockwaves through a quiet sleepy neighborhood, photos from an iPhone were printed onto photographic paper.

Lynn, a mother of two who refused to tell us her age, uploaded iPhone photos to a lab and within a week received back two bundles of 4×6 color paper prints. When asked the reason for such a drastic move, she explained:

“Our family went on vacation recently and I took tons of pictures with my iPhone. And I put them on my computer, and then my computer crashed. I was devastated. And I thought there had to be some other way to have a copy of what was on my iPhone. Something that wasn’t invisible. And then, I went on a field trip with my daughter’s class to the museum and I saw things on paper that had been around for hundreds of years and a lightbulb went off in my head. The answer was so simple.”

Lynn’s daughter, a 13-year-old who loves technology said, “Yeah, we were all surprised when mom showed us this box with pictures in it. At first, I didn’t know what they were; I thought they were greeting cards or something, but then I recognized them from her phone. It was pretty crazy. I was all, ‘OMG. I’m actually HOLDING a picture in my hand.’ I mean, I’ve held other stuff in my hands, but I didn’t know, like, you could hold a picture.”


“NOW I know what goes in those holder things stores sell with the words 4×6 and 8×10 on them, although I still don’t really understand how she got the photos from her phone on to the paper.”

Family and friends have been stopping by all day to marvel at the prints.

Said one neighbor, “When she first told us she did this, we took bets that she’d been drinking. Or she saw it on Pinterest. We couldn’t fully understand what she meant by ‘making prince.’ The only time we’d talked about that was after watching “Purple Rain” back in high school, and even then the words “making prince” had the words: “out with” in between them.”

“But then we realized she meant the other kind of prints, which seemed kind of stupid — why would you do that when you have a phone and a computer? But now that we see them, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.”

About the author: Missy is a photographer, eater of bacon, drinker of vodka and your guide through the murky waters of professional photography. You can read more of her work on her blog. This article originally appeared here.

  • peaceetc

    So are you saying the first negative opinions are more valid than the opinions I expressed (which you call negative), and I shouldn’t have commented? Following that line of logic, you shouldn’t have commented, either, seeing as the others’ comments were fine, mine wasn’t valid, and yours is… what, exactly?

    I have the right to comment, just as you or anyone else does. It’s how these here comment thingies work.

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  • Van

    Saying “satire is a new thing” sounds like a satire on its own. LOL Thanks Ms. Edgington. :)

  • Van

    It wouldn’t be funny if she gave it away on the first paragraph. That would be called news writing.

  • Lene Marie Poppe Thorsen

    Sorry luv, I think it’s the other way around. You have bad humour reading skills =)

  • Hartsa

    It is a new thing, pics on paper! ;-) Latest innovation.

  • AlexMay

    I enjoyed this, well done

  • Dan H

    Quite funny, but I actually think photos look amazing in print if they are 8×10 or bigger! It’s just satisfying to view them on the wall.

  • Shpilkus

    Because it’s satire and humor. Remember, humor can be funny!

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  • Mojo

    Hard to believe that kids up to 13 probably don’t know what film is either.

  • Ichigo

    blah blah blah Whatever

  • Brandon Rechten

    …it’s satire -_-

  • Gregg Braddoch

    Now then, there is nothing wrong with The Onion. That site is pure quality.

  • Dana Thompson

    Ha! I love you, Missy.

  • Raptor

    She has better humor skills than you have writing skills -

  • Matias Gonua

    How was it an insult? You mean it wasn’t in the same line as your ” Perhaps you just don’t have the right sense of humor for it.”?

    It was you who assumed I was equating fart jokes to this article. Besides, I don’t know who the author is, and based on this article I don’t think I’ll ever read another of hers.

    I think this was absolute crap, that’s my opinion. And I’m proud that my sense of humour prevented me from laughing at this garbage. Not even Carlin can save this from being pathetic but it seems that only compliments are allowed on the comment sections without getting criticised.

  • ALittleStitious

    I never said that either negative or positive comments are more valid than the other so don’t be putting words in my mouth. I did call your opinion negative because you were the one in the first place saying that negative opinions have no place here when really they do, that makes the comment section more interesting and also life ain’t all just dandy and sweet. I didn’t say that you can’t comment, I said leave people be basically stop telling them whether their comment should be neg or pos., that might sound stupid coming from me but it’s also funny how you ask “is it really necessary to be so danged negative here in the comments” yet you asking people that is being negative.

  • Greg

    My prints didn’t survive a house fire, but the data on my hard drive was saved…

  • Andrew Ho

    Sarcasm overloaded

  • Robert Anthony Congiu-Bruce

    what the hell is this crap? is this really where journalism is heading? Its a big shock that people print photos on paper????? Holy crap find something better to write about…or better yet, just quit your day-job and work at mc Donald’s or something….

  • Slippery Pete

    and more of your time wasted making a comment

  • Slippery Pete

    I think you have to realise this site attracts depressed and negative people who see the glass half empty, who like to think of themselves as photographers but prefer to sit in front of their computer posting negative, defeatist comments……not everyone is like this but I am tending to think the majority

  • KevinNewsome

    More images have been lost in 20 years of hard drive failures than in a lifetime of house fires. (I’m making up my own statistics to support my theory here, just so you’re aware that I’m aware). :-)

  • KevinNewsome

    Methinks you need to go back and re-read the very first word in the title of this article.

  • Robert Anthony Congiu-Bruce

    I think u need to go back and re-think your life…

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    that means you daughter has failed as a parent.

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    Sorry D- I can say she doesn’t cook but what you’re saying means to me your life sucks for posting senseless comments online.

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    all you can say is she doesnt cook? are you kidding me, your grand daughter thinks POTATOES comes from MCDONALDS – meaning that your daughter takes her to Mcdonalds so regularly that she doesn’t even know better. and what kind of mother does not cook for her children. What the hell kinda world are we living in… I take that back you daughter hasn’t failed as a parent – you did.

  • rodrigounda

    welcome to the real world :P

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Sounds like a compliment to the story author.

  • jay

    no but really, re-evaluate your understanding of this article. I dont think you got it.


    Please don’t feed the troll people… Seriously dude (yes, iI’m talkin to you RACB), chill out and enjoy the parody. Jeez. You must be a ball to hang out with–see, that was sarcasm!


    I thought the article was a nice break from the norm… clever and funny!

  • sshark

    So glad D that you are giving me this forum to express myself. My daughter is a college graduate and to my ever increasing state of proudness, she has taken care of herself and her child. Thank God, she does not go to McDonald’s religiously but my point is that due to everyday get it done quick (pertaining to article) no one takes time for things such as cooking. For you to act like my daughter is the only one who does not cook and that I lack as a parent makes me laugh so hard at your ignorance. Thank you for making my day. Now, go get a life and leave this one alone. You deserve no more response on a simple comment on a total different subject that you have made it out to be. Good life to you hopefully.

  • sshark

    Thank you D for the forum to express myself. My daughter is a college grad and has been taking care of herself and her daughter to which I am so proud. I just stated my opinion based on the hurry up-get it down quick part of the article where a lot of things go down the wayside like cameras. Your ignorance on my parenting and hers made my day. Thank you. Now try your best to move on, because the time spent on such lacking of intelligence is not good. We don’t need to spend another minute on this. Unless you have a blog on good parenting skills or how to make a good roast, I don’t need another comment from you. Have a good day, hopefully. And my granddaughter was four and after a good six years, she even knows a good lobster. Can you say that? Sorry no response necessary.

  • DaVolf

    You do realise your responses make no sense? (of course you do that’s why you had to respond twice because you realized just how stupid you are) Just because there are other people who are terrible parents does exclude your daughter (or you for that matter) from that category. Also graduating from college doesn’t mean anything these days (get with the times).

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  • sshark

    Just had to respond. Sorry again for you. You stated these days and she graduated with honors when it did matter which gave her a great position at her job which she has been at for a minute which pays bonuses. And you? I also am a college grad which makes me no better or worse but a foot above some because it costs and if you can make your way around being a parent, plus to have to work, plus take care of a family takes brains and a good juggle. Now be nice and you get with times of not being a jerk.

  • judesrphotography

    No, it doesn’t sound like it was along the same lines as my comment at all. You see, my comment was actually intended to point out that it could be funny, but just not to you if you didn’t have the right humor for it. It was a comment, not an attack.

    Your comment, on the other hand, sounded like a ‘chip on the shoulder’ smack at me by telling me I might find farts funny.
    Also, I didn’t say you equated fart jokes with the article, rather I said you were equating the mentality that would like fart jokes with one which would like this article. Critical difference. Because enjoying satire isn’t the same as enjoying fart jokes.

    Point is, you gave a kneejerk reaction to a comment that actually wasn’t intended to be anything other than a friendly comment.
    Maybe it could be read as an insult, but I don’t know how unless you’re just constantly expecting insults all the time. Thing is, not everyone is constantly sarcastic. Sometimes people are just voicing an opinion in a conversation. ::shrugs::

  • judesrphotography

    Oh my… So, I have been reading other people’s comments, and I can’t even believe so many here are upset over a piece of harmless humor.

    I’ve come up with a scientifically accurate percentage rating system (proved by dna testing in a lab in Cambodia on test rats): photographers are either the coolest, most laid back, awesome people ever OR they are the most cantankerous, fastidious, annoyingly negative people ever. There is no in between; the lab results are clear on this.

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  • goingnowhereinsports

    it’s trying to explain that this generation is so full of technology that why would you ever need to print the photos you have on your phone, computer etc….and that younger people in this generation dont even know what printed photographs are, because well we have so many different options of tech these days that we dont need to print them anymore….atleast thats what i got out of it

  • John Wayne

    Robert has autism, please be more considerate of his outbursts. He can’t help it.

  • Robert Anthony Congiu-Bruce

    John Wayne, as I recall your mother had autism after I spent the night with her last Wednesday night. Ps. Expect a brother in 9 months.

  • Matias Gonua

    Yeah, my bad. Cheers.

  • KG

    It would be maybe slightly humorous if not for the fact that plenty of people still print their photos. Must have been a slow day at the office … weak.