What Flickr Looks Like On a 25-Year-Old Macintosh


What was it like to browse Flickr back in 1989? We don’t know, because Flickr didn’t exist then. However, thanks to a clever setup from Flickr user Jeff Jackson, we get a little glimpse at what it would be like.

By tweaking a 25-year-old Macintosh SE/30, Jackson decided to browse around the web to see what websites looked like and how they functioned. He ended up giving Flickr a go and the above screenshot is what he was presented with. According to Jackson, it took a full five minutes to load just one Flickr page; just a bit slower than the second or two it takes now.

(via TUAW)

Image credits: Macintosh SE/30 on the 68k MLA Flickr Page by Jeff Jackson

  • Steve Pellegrino

    I loved the SE/30. It was my first Mac.

  • josh80

    Looks like shots from Gameboy Camera!

  • Skeeter

    Lol… That was the last Mac I ever used… PC ever since.

  • Guest

    Been more of an Amiga user. This is how petapixel would have look back then. :)

  • Guest

    Petapixel with Amiga.

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  • Mark Brown

    Ah, the good old days.

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