Rumor: Canon 7D Mark II and Potential 100-400mm Replacement to Arrive at Photokina


It’s shaping up to be quite a year at Photokina in Germany, with Leica, Sigma and now Canon all expected to drop some serious equipment at the expo. The Canon news comes by way of Canon Rumors, who got wind from a known source that both the 7D Mark II (or whatever the replacement will be called) and a new telephoto lens will both officially arrive in September.

Regarding the camera, we’ve heard enough interesting bits to keep us entertained until the bigger leaks start happening a few days (or sometimes hours) ahead of the release. The lens, on the other hand, we have no info about. CR says people are ‘hoping’ it will be a replacement for the old EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM.


The rumor site is speculating that the exact date the embargo/NDA will list is either September 9th or September 12th, with Photokina starting on September 16th. So mark your calendars, and stay tuned for more info.

(via Canon Rumors)

Image credits: Photograph by Antonis Kyrou and used in accordance with Creative Commons license.

  • Chris Malmberg

    Also at Photokina, a man with only half a face!

  • Mike

    How rude. We prefer the name “Semicranial Americans”.

  • Lord Minty

    “5 years in the making”!! Just think what the likes of Sony and Olympus
    have done in that time to advance imaging technology and Canon just do
    an incremental update to a DLSR based on an APS film chassis?

  • kendon

    improve one of the best tools for an action and/or sports photographer ever built. without putting useless BS inside. that’s what i hope, at least.

  • BA

    Agreed! That is the main reason why I shelled out bucks for my 7D and later my 5D3. Pro bodies are not toys. I have not need for trendy gimmicks. I expect incremental improvements on things that directly impact my photography while in the field, not some fancy spec sheet feature.

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  • gumraah

    After following canon rumors for YEARS about 7dii I have seriously started to doubt that there will be any 7dii at all, I think it is just hoax to get traffic to website. It is what name implies RUMOR.

  • Steve Hughes

    Don’t forget 2 foreheads man