Useful Two-Part Beginner Tutorial Will Help You Understand the Basics of Composition

Post-processing and lighting and camera tutorials are all good and well, but none of them are going to do anything for you if you don’t have a good handle on composition. To that end, this basic two-part composition tutorial by Mike Browne will give you a solid foundation from which to start.

Both tutorials were created in 2012, but the lessons they cover are timeless. The first covers the movements you’ll use to rearrange immovable objects within your frame into a more pleasing arrangement, while the second actually puts those movements into practice, turning a messy composition into something much nicer.

Professionals and even intermediate shooters probably won’t gain too much from these tutorials, but if you’re just starting out or if you’ve struggled with composition for a long time, something this basic might be just the thing to get you unstuck and started on a better composed path, so to speak.

Check out both videos above and then, as always, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

(h/t Reddit)

  • Jorge Vieira

    Love Mike Browne he is one of the best youtube/teachers out there!

  • Jonathan Maniago

    It’s easy to take the fundamentals for granted until you try explaining them to a newbie. This guy does a fantastic job of spelling it out for beginners.

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  • Kaemaril

    Mike Browne’s a really good teacher. His youtube video’s are always great – informative, well produced, and easy to comprehend.

  • Pickle

    Pretty clever…

  • greenarcher02

    This is the most helpful video about composition that I have seen. Thanks!

  • Jigsaw

    Ah, good old Mike Browne. I wholeheartedly recommend his Youtube channel. He has the perfect knack for explaining things in the most comprehensible way possible. No fluff, no overdone techno babble, just the straight facts perfectly structured. Even if you already know photography inside and out it’s still very entertaining to watch. Go watch his videos!

  • Adam Cross

    super basic, but fascinating approach to teaching composition. for once someone doesn’t try to teach thirds or leading lines or Fibonacci

  • Richard

    The most important bit was the last sentence: “Get out there and play with it, and don’t worry if people laugh at you.”

    Brilliant. Very well done. Learn by doing.

  • MrD7000

    Easy to follow instructions from Mike. Very good teacher that keeps it simple.