iOS 8’s Time-Lapse Mode Demonstrated

In our post “3 Awesome Camera Features Apple Didn’t Mention During Yesterday’s Keynote,” we told you about the new time-lapse mode that you can look forward to taking advantage of when Apple’s iOS 8 officially arrives. There aren’t many details about how exactly it works, but thanks to YouTube user iTwe4kz, we DO now have a demonstration of how the footage turns out.

By the looks of it, the time-lapse mode is very capable of capturing the kinds of standard footage that you would with any basic time-lapse app currently on the iTunes App Store.

Will this temp you to leave your 5D and intervalometer at home the next time you need to capture time-lapse footage? Definitely not. But we can certainly see the built-in capability coming in handy.

(via 9to5Mac)

  • Jonathan Soucy

    my good old gopro hero 1 do better

  • Marcin

    Wow. Some cool ideas and quality is not bad (except for some flickering).

  • Alan Klughammer

    any “real” camera can do better at (insert favourite feature here), but for many people and quite a few situations, a cell phone is “good enough”

  • Henry Young

    Yeah. It works pretty well. I’ve shot five myself… bit harder to do on an iPad but they’re somewhat usable, I guess.

  • Henry Young

    You can lock exposure and that removes the flickering, in my experience.

  • Joshua Caleb

    ummmm my Galaxy S(1) Fascinate could do this with a free app… way to catch up Apple

  • Woody ONeal

    care to share any masterpieces you’ve shot on your Fascinate?

  • pxlated


  • zakstudio

    LapseIt on android do the job as well

  • Joshua Caleb

    yes, I’ve posted an example of mine from youtube, but it’s “awaiting moderation” fyi

  • Joshua Caleb

    and now I still don’t see my YouTube post and no indication it’s still waiting moderation. PetaPixel moderator must not approve of Android making Apple look bad. Go figure.

  • Bazzr14

    True, but not everybody owns a “real” camera…

  • slyman

    it’s just like 20-30 years ago, there were people with crappy film cameras and disposables and people with good cameras, now there are people with cell phones and people with good cameras. although the cell phones are a little closer in functionality.

  • Peter Smolenski

    Can’t stand to watch any more time-lapse, wish peta pixel would get over it. Really boring tired old crap. Let’s see something different. Everyone in the world has over used this. It’s the “stairway to heaven” of photography if you know what i mean. Heard/seen it WAY too many times.

  • Alan Klughammer

    exactly. for some people, probably the majority, “good enough” is good enough.

  • Alan Klughammer

    but most people own a “good enough” camera

  • mahirh

    Leaving expensive phone in the rain is a bad idea regardless of versatility. You would have to part from it for longer than you’d desire to.