Woman Accidentally Lights Her Hair on Fire During Video Selfie Attempt

Author note: The below video contains some NSFW language

This woman’s selfie game is on fire… literally. While out with friends, the young lady in the video was anxious to get herself into the frame of an arm’s-length video when she leaned a bit too far and got more than she bargained for.

Lit by what seems to be a fairly small tea candle, the woman’s hair was on fire for 2–3 seconds before she realized her red hair had taken on a bit ‘warmer’ of a tone in the most interesting of ways — or unfortunate of ways, if you’re a glass half empty type of person.


To her credit, she seemed to handle the situation fairly well, despite throwing in a few choice words that, if we’re being honest, all of us would have probably used. And before you criticize the portrait orientation of the video, remember that this video likely would not have captured this situation in all of its glory had it been filmed in landscape.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Kaktus Kontrafaktus

    how newsworthy…

  • C Jacobs

    Being an attention hound has a price….

  • Dover

    Since when do the British act like Americans?


    Do all of these people have verticle tv’s at home?

  • fast eddie

    Another quality article, Gannon.

  • OtterMatt

    I would have made a joke about dignity and going up in smoke, but let’s be real here, she’s taking a selfie. Dignity was absent long before this happened.

  • Robbert Dijkstra

    Cannon Burgett, shame on you for devoting an article to this. Way to bring the qaulity of petapixel down.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Tell Mr. T that I said “Hi!”

  • amiright

    I’m going to paste my comment from the dishwasher post here:
    “I’m still wondering why this is being covered here on Petapixel. Not
    everything that gets GoPro’d or videotaped or photographed has to be.”

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