Did You Know: You Can Set Your GoPro to Take High Res Stills While Shooting Video

Here’s a neat GoPro feature that you might not know about: the GoPro actually has a setting where you can take video and still photos simultaneously. No, we’re not talking about pulling low-res stills out of video. We mean actually snapping high-res stills at an interval while shooting video.

The trick was revealed (to those of us who didn’t know it until now) by the folks at who are presenting it as an excerpt of a comprehensive course on GoPro fundamentals. It’s super simple to set up and we could see this coming in handy in many situations, so check out the video above to see how it’s done.

(via Photofocus)

  • JonathonWatkins

    Mmmm, from the video it seems that the photos is the same res as the video, e.g. 720 or 1080, so why would you want to do this instead of grabbing a single still image from the video stream? I.e. as the resolution, shutter speed & aperture will be the same there seems to be little benefit to this. Am I missing something?

  • Zos Xavius

    Yeah, you are missing how this is basically an ad. I watched the video and didn’t hear him say anything about image size, or maybe I missed something?

  • Miki Alphonso

    I use 1080p30 on my Hero 3 Black and the stills res while taking video is 3920 x 2160. This is a bit lower than 4000 x 3000 max res in stills-only mode.

  • JonathonWatkins

    At 0:30 he says you need to stick with one of the standard formats, i.e. 720/1080. I took for that as being that was the resolution it recorded at. If it really does 8Mp at the same time as video then it is very impressive & I can see a use for that.