Beautiful Black & White Bentley Short Doc Shot Entirely on the iPhone 5s

We’ve been told again and again that gear only matters far down the road, like last step down the road, once all of your skill and creativity has already been put to use.

The video above does a phenomenal job of illustrating this point because, although it was filmed for luxury car company Bentley, it was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s and edited entirely on an iPad Air that is built into the car itself.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 3.45.12 PM

To be fair, if you were to tally up how much gear Bently used to shoot this video, you would come out well into the thousands. Lenses, stabilization rigs and other gadgets were all put to use to make sure this didn’t look like it was filmed by a guy holding a smartphone. Still, the final results are on a level you would not usually associate with something filmed and editor on an iOS device.

Check it out for yourself to see the beautiful results, and be sure to stick around till the end for some behind the scenes shots that give you a peek at how it all came together.

(via The Phoblographer)

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  • Ralph Hightower

    Has anyone noticed that Bentley owners never drive their own cars?

  • Kyle Sanders

    In defense of said Bently owners, I wouldn’t want to drive in New York City either. For starters, it’s not like there are up close parking spots at your office on Wall Street or that SoHo Zagat rated restaurant!

  • herrerawilda

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  • Monteraz

    Anyway I will keep using my trusty 5D and 2005 Honda instead of Bentley and Iphone :)

  • Zos Xavius

    What’s surprising to me is not the quality of this video because black and white video looks good shot with nearly anything made in the last 5 years and the iphone is no slouch. What was surprising was that it was edited and produced on an ipad. For how well cut and directed it was, I would have expected it to be produced on final cut pro. Video production tools on the ipad have come a long way.

  • Paul K Rivera

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  • Thomas Sommer

    “Lenses, stabilization rigs and other gadgets were all put to use to make sure this didn’t look like it was filmed by a guy holding a smartphone. Still, the final results are on a level you would not usually associate with something filmed and editor on an iOS device.”

    Exactly. It’s the gear around it that makes this “good”. I’m not really surprised that you can shoot a decent spot with it after billions went into developing good smartphone cameras.

  • Adam Cross

    almost everything looks better in black and white, but the iPhone falls flat in close-ups inside the car, people’s faces are just completely lacking in detail and sharpness. (of course, youtube doesn’t help, but still)

  • Woody ONeal

    Shutter speed problem whenever the running lights were in frame???

    Still, quite remarkable from an equipment standpoint and beautifully shot.

  • Ivor Wilson

    I was going to report this, then I realised how much I laughed when I read it, so I left it here for everyone else’s enjoyment.

  • Rhetorikol

    Video compression harms the overall quality of this video, blown out highlights, and moire from the headlights are noticeable.

  • Mason Pelt

    Amazingly cool! Shot on an iPhone yes, but to say this was shot with no gear is a stretch. Some from of glide cam was clearly used.

  • Henry Young

    Nice to see a Movi there… well… 2 Movis.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    yeah, that cost what $15k each?
    “look, I shot this with a $700 phone with the help of gear for $50k”

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    great. and what did the extra stuff cost? $50k?

  • Mr Hogwallop

    Who cares how much it cost, most people rent this stuff. So a few IPhones and $5000 in rental and full crew….If they shot with a Red we wouldn;t be talking about it.

  • stevodotorg

    Come to Los Angeles. Drive down Robertson, you’ll be surprised.

  • Adelson Cadete

    The geeky comments are depressing.

  • Henry Young

    Something like that.

  • Nwheatcraft

    This is irritating, this fad of doing everything with a cell phone these days. You think the guys who made this video will change over to iPhone with its awful 16-18mbs video, blown highlights, crippling multi-frame compression, limited iso, crushingly low dynamic range, and 1080p shutter speed limitations? No, it’s a cell phone! Get real, stop drinking the koolaid and get back to real life.

  • Schuyler L.

    If you think about his audience as youtube, 1080p isnt really a limitation. The quality doesn’t have to be any better. On the other hand I agree with everything you said. Bently talks about being the best at everything and they give us this crap; the rig costs more than the camera. This is not good PR for the car, it’s really more of another iPhone commercial.