The Story of Anthony Carbajal, the Photog Whose Career Was Derailed by ALS

Back in January, we featured the story of Anthony Carbajal, a California-based wedding photographer whose career came to an abrupt end when he was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. After the story broke, media journalist Avni Nijhawan created the above video that offers a touching portrait of Carbajal’s life and struggles.

Since the diagnosis on January 27th, Carbajal has been forced to step away from the wedding photography industry. Although he still has a good deal of movement in his hands and arms, the heavy equipment and long workdays would speed up the degeneration of his muscles. Once the muscle is lost, it can never be regained again (there is no cure for ALS).

To support Carbajal in this tough time, the photography community is banding together to help him financially (he has already liquidated his camera equipment to pay for expenses, taxes, and medical costs). Since January, over $50,000 has been raised through the fundraising site YouCare.

You can read our original coverage of this story here, and you can check out Carbajal’s beautiful images over in his online portfolio.

  • David Vaughn

    Well that was damn hard to watch. I couldn’t imagine taking care of someone with an untreatable disease while also coming to terms with the fact that I have the same disease and will likely require a caretaker eventually.

    That is…beyond frightening to me…To have to stare my own mortality in the face so suddenly and at such a young age. I’m not sure I would handle it well. He and his mother are stronger emotionally and mentally than I feel I could ever be.

  • Rob

    Terrible disease. The same illness struck Dutch photographer Huub van der Put. His struggle was documented by various top dutch photographers (including Erwin Olaf) and the portraits were collected in a book entitled the mind is a muscle.

  • Branden Frederick

    Flickr user Colton Allen is another photographer who was diagnosed with ALS: