Dancelapse: One Dance Performed Over One Hundred Days

Timelapse projects involving one photo or video per day have seen a surge in popularity in recent years ever since videos such as Noah Kalina’s everyday went viral. Matt Bray wanted to do something similar to Kalina’s project… but different. He set up a camera and captured himself doing the exact same dance in his room for 100 days, and then turned it into one impressive time-lapse dance.

Bray used a simple GoPro camera that was placed in a fixed spot on his bedroom cabinet. Every day for 120 or so days (he officially claims 100 because it “sounds better”) Bray would put on a different outfit and perform the famous “Napoleon Dynamite” dance (after the first 30 seconds the rest of the dance was made up by Bray).


Afterward, he carefully edited all the clips together into a single dance video with smooth transitions that magically change Bray’s outfits. It’s an impressive, time-consuming effort that scratched out the #117 item on Bray’s bucket list: “Complete 100 days of dance.”

  • Klaus Ulfrad

    stick to mastrubating.. as dancer you are a bad joke….

  • Andy Austin

    I think we can all agree the dancing is pretty terrible. But the editing was actually fairly well done.

  • SeoulFood

    I’m thinking that big, nasty yellow stain on the carpet was his mark so he knew where to “dance” for those 100 days!

  • Rob Elliott

    that was the point.. he was doing the Napoleon Dynamite Dance.

  • Fabrice Bacchella

    Ho, what a surprise, a time lapse. A day without a (loosy) time lapse on peta pixel is not a real day.

  • Cinekpol

    In a room?! IN A ROOM?! WTF?! What a waste of idea! Just go to the flippin park or somewhere and shoot in a place where you can see seasons passing, or something to… you know: Actually show passage of time.

  • Peter Smolenski

    Let’s start a ” Please, no more time lapse” petition. It’s got to be the most boring overdone photography thing of all time. I thought they said they heard us about all the time lapse stuff, but here we go again.

  • Nicky B

    A great idea – time lapse may be overdone but this effort is original! 10/10 for concept!