A Hilarious Collection of Insight and Insults From a College Photography Professor


What do you do when your photography professor at college goes on daily rants and rages, critiquing work with an iron fist while doling out priceless lessons? Well, thankfully, some student thought to start writing said rants and rages down.

But not only did he write them down, he shared them via a Tumblog so that the rest of the world could see, read and laugh hysterically at the brilliance and brutality of this awesome photo prof.

Called S**t My Photography Professor Says, this blog (which, sadly, hasn’t been updated since March of 2011) consists of page-after-page of photographic cliché no-nos and so much more. The professor goes by the name Roma, but that’s about all we have to go off of. A few comments on Reddit from former students of Roma suggest that these are indeed things he has said and continues to say as a professor at an unnamed university.

Just to get you started, here’s a nice little collection of some of the best we’ve found:

  • You did NOT photograph a homeless person.
  • Don’t you dare go to Chinatown. Leave the f**king Chinese alone.
  • Don’t default to your intelligence. Your intelligence will let you down. It makes you overthink things. But feel — you can never overfeel things.
  • Every time you do it right, you make it harder to do it right again.
  • I was addicted to midol in the 90s. I’m considering starting back up again.
  • Ugh. Just by looking around, I think none of you should procreate.
  • Do you know what happens when you give white kids a camera? They come back with photos of little black kids throwing up gang signs. True story. When I was teaching at Yale, every single privileged motherf**ker went out to a poor neighborhood and came back with photos of little kids throwing up gang signs. I didn’t even know what they were doing. I thought they all had arthritis.

As you can see, the quotes are golden and will definitely give you a good hour of laughs. As said above, it’s been dead since 2011, but a commenter on Reddit who will be taking this professor’s class soon has considered attempting to take over and begin updating the quotes next semester.

Fingers crossed this means many more pages worth of laughable insults and brilliant insights. Be sure to check out the Tumblr for more and share your favorite with us below.

(via Photography On The Brain)

  • mokleTkcuF

    Ok, fine, there are exceptions. Sometimes the worth of revelations go beyond creative merit.

  • Stan B.

    Good point, and precisely the likes of what the alleged Mr. Roma would caution against- running off the cliff like the lemmings we so often can be. But the interview on Museo mag certainly seems to point in his direction…

  • Christian DeBaun

    Professor Roma is my new hero.

  • cjs711

    Very funny. My point is about professionalism.

  • cjs711

    What’s your point

  • cjs711

    Good point about selective excepts. If you google the article he cribbed these quote from, there was quite a bit more context involved in many of them. For example, the first quote above was obviously taken from a critique of a student’s work, who had not heeded the directive not to shoot homeless people AND that the student had done so from a cowardly distance with a long lens. He explained clearly WHY he made the directive. But all the same, take a look at the headlines – people are offended by words of far lesser import than these….. And the debate should they be offended or should they not will go on ad infinitum….. A person can be a good teacher without insulting and denigrating ethnic groups for example. I’ve had many. Nor should a person need to use profanity to “wake [people] up.” The list of great people who have been able to wake people up without profanity is very very long.

  • Stan B.

    “people are offended by words of far lesser import than these…..”

    Then it’s high time they grow up! Life is not going to wait for them to catch up and feel comfortable. Some of the most conniving, lecherous, back stabbing MF’s in the world are blessed with golden tongues. Did you ever listen to your average politician- particularly Conservatives, Republicans and Libertarians? They all speak in code, then when one of their less educated ilk, like a Cliven Bundy, says what they all really think and feel in plain English- they all recoil in embarrassment, not because of what he said, but how (ie- where) he said it… in public!

    “A person can be a good teacher without insulting and denigrating ethnic groups for example.”

    I grew up in NYC, in a city of immigrants much the same time as Mr. Roma; Italians there made it plain that they were gonna be the bottom echelon of what was going to be considered “White” in that city. Mr. Roma (who I’m going to go out on a limb and assume is of Italian or Sicilian descent) calls out fellow Whites on the casual snapshooting of people of color. He doesn’t “denigrate” ethnic groups- he tells you point blank to respect them! And if you lack the ability to understand what he says- look at his freakin’ photographs for Chrissakes!

    Life, the world is not a fair place… it is not run like the classroom of a soft spoken philosophy professor. Grow the F up woman.

  • Stan B.

    “The point” is that you really need to grow up and realize that the world ain’t the soft spoken philosophy class of your pastel colored dreams…

    PS- For a more detailed synopsis- keep scrolling down…

  • Marschal A. Fazio

    I second that. I just checked out his website, some sick cameras. I love that chain drive beast.

  • patricia666

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    Jaguar only from working off a home computer… Recommended Reading C­a­s­h­F­i­g­.­ℂ­o­m

  • cjs711

    I’m not sure why you’re taking such a belligerent tone for someone who thinks offending words are not such a big issue. I am also from New York and I can remember all the Italian jokes that used to be told. Guess what? The Italian Americans didn’t think the humor was so funny and they wanted it to stop. “Can’t they take a joke?” people said at the time. And they wanted to keep telling the jokes. When he says, “fuckin Chinese” he’s telling you to respect the Chinese?

    Personally, I read some of his quotes in context and I think this article was written to sensationalize the bad language and makes it seem like that was primarily what the guy was about and as I said to someone else earlier, he made some good points.

    Your getting so worked up over MY comments, only shows this is not an insignificant issue to you, rather that it is.

    I looked up and read the guy’s comments in context. Did you?

  • cjs711

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve read all week. You obviously don’t know the first thing about me…… you are so far from the truth. Fact of the matter is, you don’t know me at all, yet you feel qualified to jump to conclusions and talk as though you know me. I could almost reach into Thomas Roma’s bag to describe it……

  • Stan B.

    He didn’t say “F the Chinese” the way you’re trying to misinterpret it- he said leave them the F alone!!!

    Jesus H Christ- someone wasted an awful lot of tuition &&$ on a very expensive university for what!?!?

  • Stan B.

    I was both rather lucid and succinct in my response to what you wrote, and your “professional” response amounted to one big… “Huh?”