Breathtaking Time-Lapse Captures the City, Culture and Landscape of Doha, Qatar

Coming from one of the masters of time-lapse photography, “Welcome to Doha,” by Michael Shainblum is a brilliant piece of work that shows off the beautiful capital of Qatar as only Shainblum can.

For the making of this project, Shainblums flew to Doha with the goal of capturing not only the environment around him, but the culture as well. Months worth of meticulously planning out the details ensured that once his week of shooting came around, things would go as smoothly as possible.


While speaking to Fstoppers, Shainblum explained that the most stressful part of the project was working in a foreign country, as it was his first time traveling across the world and the language barrier was quite overwhelming for him. Obviously it wasn’t an insurmountable barrier…

The full video comes in at just under four minutes, so click play and feast your eyes on the landscape and culture Shainblum managed to capture in Doha, Qatar.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Kabra

    Somebody else recognized the inflationary use of “breathtaking”?

  • David

    Just wasted almost 4 minutes of my life!

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    as time goes by

  • Gannon Burgett

    I’ll work to keep the buzzwords to a minimum. That being said, it’s part of my writing, sharing things I do find quite impressive and aesthetically appealing.

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  • hjguuk

    So as a photographer you can go to Doha and make what is a boring city (it really is a boring place, terrible to get about in, so much building work terrible road system) look better than it is. or you could help bring to light the bad labour treatment, the death of workers on a daily basis as they are forced to work long hours in stupid heat just so they can host a corrupted football tournament and develop their 2020 plan.

    If someone posted a video on here where a photojournalist took a series of shots of a man being eaten alive by a mean dog, people would scream how bad he is for taking the shot and not helping.

    Same thing! Discuss –> Argue –> Put up your invalid POV –>

  • Matt

    I’d rather see a couple “breathtaking” photos personally, but to each their own. I’m sure ill get that wish on 500px with witty comments and such. #youthemanthatswhatyouwanttohearright?