Awesome 360-Degree Bike Ride Timelapse Captured Using Six GoPro Cameras

Inspired by the 360º panoramic images that turn the world around us into a little planet of its own, German photographer Jonas Ginter wanted to step it up. And so he decided to use video rather than just a still image.

Ginter spent two years experimenting with various setups in an attempt to get the results he was looking for. In 24 months he tried everything from an elaborate mirror setup to screwing a camera on a turn-table, but to no avail. Eventually, Ginter had a bit of an epiphany: he realized that the only way he could truly capture a 360º video scene is by capturing every single angle at once.

Video thumbnail for vimeo video Capturing A 360º Time-Lapse Using 6 GoPro Cameras

So, with the help of a 3D printer and a half-dozen GoPro Hero 3s, Ginter created a 3D printed mount that holds the six GoPro cameras side-by-side to create enough overlapping footage to pull out a full 360º viewing angle.

As you can see in the video above, the result is rather trippy, especially considering his music of choice. Give the 67 second video a watch and be prepared to have the urge to go out and purchase $2,400 in GoPros and find yourself a 3D printer… or check out 360Heros if you don’t have a 3D printer but you DO want to spend even more cash.

(via Gizmodo via The Phoblographer)

  • Aron

    This is awesome! But how about more info on how the video was made? He wasn’t touching the rig, so who was and how was it set up? Also, what editing went to this?

  • Guest

    Stand back and watch as the technique becomes overused and passé in three…two…one…

  • Jonasm

    The camera is mounted on a pole attached to the bike during the first part. You can see it in the bike’s shadow.

  • snapshot1

    Well that’s how it works now. The internet is a feeding frenzy for stealing, I mean “inspiration” and why no one out there should put their work online if you’re wanting to make a living at something you’ve figured out.

    I expect a car commercial using a version of this in the summertime, and Jonas will receive no compensation for it because it’s never the people who put the countless hours in figuring, and tweaking out the technique, or style, that gets hired for the paid work.

  • MMielech


  • DTheMenace

    It’s called Remixing

  • Fred Jones

    It’s called appropriating and Jonas put out the 3d printing template for free. I’m pretty sure he’s just sharing something cool he figured out. I do believe he should get credit though. He put in work for the past 2-years to create what we are watching now. Brilliant stuff!

  • gerald_d

    Fred. He deserves no credit whatsoever. It’s not even his 3D printing template, not to mention the fact that people have been doing this – successfully – for over 2 years now.

    This guy has blatantly taken other people’s work and ideas, and is passing it off as his own.