Pop Star Lorde Shows Off Her Blemishes on Twitter After Finding ‘Shopped Image

The latest celebrity to speak out against the use of Photoshop — or if not speak out then at least point out the difference between Photoshop and reality — is Grammy-winning pop singer Lorde. In a tweet (seen above) sent out two days ago, the singer showed the difference between a touched up photo and a regular photo of her taken at the exact same show.

To her credit, she didn’t go on an anti-Photoshop tirade or slam the photographer who took the first photo. She simply posted both photos, explained what they were, and added the caption “remember flaws are ok :-)”

(via Huffington Post)

  • akaawol

    I applaud her decision to point this out.

  • mokleTkcuF

    Oh Lorde! – Sorry, puns intended.

  • markz

    because it’s fun to … that’s all, where would 4chan or reddit (and by extension every social interaction on “teh internets”) be with out the right mix of howling drama queens and the sane people trying to drag them down

  • Adam Cross

    it’s pretty depressing how most of the debate going on below is about how attractive she is. let’s grow up a little, shall we?

  • Richard Lurie

    I don’t like either pic. I don’t like the white balances, composition…. maybe I’m just picky.

  • mlianopr

    You should use PS like salt & Pepper… Just little bit to give flavor…