This Simple Flowchart Will Help You Decide if You Should Take that Selfie


We’ve shared many a flowchart, both serious and silly, in our day, but this one is definitely the most simple and straightforward of them all. Put together by Doghouse Diaries, it’ll help you answer that ever-present question that undoubtedly plagues all of your waking hours and haunts your dreams: should I take this selfie?

(via Gizmodo)

  • 234234234

    yeah sure.. i need a chart for that.
    maybe it´s time all humans excpt me just go extinct….

  • josetomastocino

    Cool, now check this. This really simple flowchart will help you decide if you should use the font “Proxima Nova” in your next project, here it comes.

    Should I use Proxima Nova -> NO.

    God, please. Stop this trendy bs.

  • markz

    A simple flow chart to decide
    “should I take the advice of pompous ‘designers’/’graphic artists’/’professional photographers’ about how to live my life so as to be devoid of spontaneity and fun”


    … also


    seriously what part of

    “NO” are you still struggling with?

  • Matt

    LIghten up francis… Just kidding, I agree.

  • pupkinrupert

    that’s cute how you think the choices you make aren’t based on the advice of designers and other marketing people….

  • Guest

    “excpt me”

  • Lance

    “that’s cute” Really?
    Nawwwww, look how much more informed and aware you are than him. Who’s a cwever widdle Wupert?

    Except, you know, that does not appear to be what he said. But hey, never miss an opportunity to jump in for a bit of condescending cynical posturing, it makes you sound just super worldly and wise.

  • markz

    well maybe…
    I don’t know…
    maybe some marketing shrills use reverse psychology they actually _DON’T_ want me to buy the things they advertise/cross promote, product place or celebrity endorse.

    Marketing guru: “Buy this product endorsed by celebritard X on youtube”

    Me “Fsck off”

    “yeah we really didn’t want you to buy it.. so our reverse psychology marketing campaign worked”

    So , yeh I base my choices on their “advice” even if it is just “kicking against the pricks”.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    How many choices of No are available here?

    (Note that the diamond shape is used in flow charts for different choices)