Law Firms Lining Up to File Class Action Lawsuits Over the D600 Dust/Oil Issue


Just over a week ago, we reported on the news that a US law firm was collecting information from disgruntled Nikon D600 users for a potential class action lawsuit. Well, it turns out they’re actually late to the game. Three days after that story broke, a few other law firms actually filed a class action suit against the Japanese camera giant.

Much as we hate to rain on the Nikon D4s parade, Nikon Rumors is reporting that the law firms Zimmerman & Reed PLLP, Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP and Hausfeld, LLP all jointly filed a class action suit against Nikon in California on February 19th.

That, of course, is on top of the previously-reported potential lawsuit by Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein.


As readers were quick to point out after our first story, chances are good that if these lawsuits succeed, the real winners will be the law firms and not the plaintiffs. However, it might also set a precedent that other companies will need to consider the next time they spot an issue (pun unintended but thoroughly enjoyed) and think it might be worth ignoring rather than doing a full recall.

If you want to read up on the current lawsuit, you can find the court papers here. And if you’d like to join either the Leiff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein or Zimmerman & Reid suits, click here or here to submit your own complaint.

(via Nikon Rumors)

Image credits: Image by Kyle Clements

  • Kynikos

    Dear Nikon and Nikon D600 purchasers,

    Bend over, all of you.

    –Dewey Cheatum & Howe LLC

  • TN

    heh, the click & clack legal team always wins

  • Alan Klughammer

    OK, Nikon changed my shutter under warranty. From what I understand, Nikon fixed or replaced all cameras sent in. They were irresponsible (to put it mildly) for not admitting publicly to their mistakes, but they did fix the problem.
    What is this lawsuit about then?

  • Richard

    Good point. Canon did this with their S100 camera as well. It had a problem with the lens assembly that was widespread and they replaced the lens assembly on all cameras sent in, no charge. I don’t remember if they were ever threatened with a class action but I thought they put the issue to bed, at least it seemed so. I sent mine in and they fixed it quickly and with no fuss.

  • Masa


  • James

    I work at a camera store and we send in a few D600 cameras with this issue each week, Nikon cleans the sensor and sends it back.

  • Tom

    I’ve shot thousands of pics with my D600 and have not a single issue but yeah, for those that did have issues, Nikon should have handled it better.

  • Gavin

    Not necessarily true. I sent my D600 in, they invoiced me for a new shutter, and 4 days of use later the problem came back. So what? They replaced a faulty shutter with another faulty shutter? Unfortunately this was a few months ago. Now they are making you pay a small fee and they send you a new D610

  • Kyle Clements

    I was fortunate to work a 5 minute walk away from the Nikon Service centre. So It got cleaned, then fixed for free, without any shipping issues or charges!

    After having it serviced for a second time, the problem seems to be solved. Had the camera back since October, 15,000 shots later, no oil!

  • Caitlin

    Nikon Canada states that they are fixing the problem with some sort of ‘tape’ they have designed……. …… …. . . .

  • ksporry

    Lawsuits are always about one thing only: Money. Quick and dirty money. Actually, it’s been pretty public that the D600 had issues, and since Nikon fixes the issue somehow in each case, lawsuits do not stand a chance. Of course these lawsuits occur only in one country in teh world. The rest of the world just follows the normal way: return the unit and get it fixed.

  • Mack

    I don’t know about the D600, but I do know my little J1 was flawed in its manufacture and Nikon not only refused to honor their warranty but lied about why I sent it in. I kept the paperwork. I hope someone sets up a class-action suit re Nikon’s refusal to honor their warranty.

  • Sly Stone

    Man, I selling all my Nikon gears and say hello to Fuji XT-1

  • Sky

    And few days later people find out that the issue is back.

    Sensor cleaning doesn’t do anything – issue comes from a faulty shutter.

  • Sky

    And then have your firmware fixed over a course of next 2 years? LOL

  • A.J.

    Why does anybody even shoot with a Nikon anymore?

  • Serious Gearhead

    Why did people continue to shoot with Canon when they changed their lens mount in the ’80’s? Why did they continue to shoot with Canon after the ugly orange LCD issue with the 5D or the self-destructing shutters on their flagship DSLR’s? Or when they found out their collection of APS-C lenses wouldn’t even mount on their upgraded full-frame cameras? Or after the myriad of problems with the 7D? I could go on and on. One issue, blown way out of proportion, doesn’t change the facts. Nikon is still the best game in town.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    I sent my camera in February 5th to get serviced (D600) I received it back yesterday,the repair was completed on the 24th. On the invoice it said “firmware update, cln low pass filter, cln ccd, general check and clean.” I wrote a full one page letter describing my problem about the spots and having it cleaned 4 times with the spots returning almost within a few shots each time. The fact that i couldnt send it to them each time because of the 2 week waiting period and that i wanted the shutter replaced. Obviously they did nothing, no investigation and when i opened the box i immediately slapped on my Tamron 180mm macro lens and fired off around 100 test shots at f11, f16 and f22. After the tenth shot the spots were back in the top left of the frame and a few on the bottom left as well. I AIso noticed dust in my viewfinder now as well! I was FURIOUS. So i went to google typed in Class action lawsuit D600. I quickly seen that they actually released a presser on the 25th. A day after they serviced my camera. I think its really inexcusable that they didn’t even replace my shutter the first time, now i have to send it back again (they are paying the shipping there this time) and possibly be out even longer then 2 weeks! I’m sure there is going to be thousands of D600’s being refurbed now. This also makes me a little nervous because if they are servicing so many cameras it makes you wonder how good the quality of the repair is going to be. A bunch of burnt out technicians working long hours doing the same thing over and over. I think they should just take the warrantied ones and replace them with the D610 and the out of warranty ones and refurbish them. Would speed up the process. Regardless at least my shutter count will be back to 0 now after ripping 12000 on my body since i got it. I should of got the 800 like i initially was gonna do. Oh well

  • Kristopher Doucet

    They never replaced my shutter, I just got mine back yesterday as you’ll see from my post above. Just BS. If i didn’t have all Nikon glass i would be happy going to Canon after this mess.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    That’s exactly what they did for me.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    They were replacing the shutter with the same shutter model. I heard so many stories similar to this as well. If the problem comes back again then for me after this round, im going to keep pushing until i get a D610. Thats the shutter that should go into our D600’s at the very minimum.

  • Kristopher Doucet

    On a side related topic, has anyone else noticed that their D600 is over exposing images, by 1-2 stops? This is another issue that’s beeing reported, but perhaps not as widespread as the oil/dust issue.

  • Alan Klughammer

    I heard from our Nikon rep that the D600 dust issue was limited to one (large) batch of cameras. This batch ended up largely in the US, where Nikon USA handled it very poorly. This is why there are such differences of opinion. Nikon Canada (and I assume many other regions) dealt with the few cameras with the issue. For whatever reason, Nikon USA doesn’t want to deal with the issue, especially since it got the bulk of the problem.
    This was handled very poorly by Nikon up and down the line. A recall for service of the affected serial numbers would have caused a lot less grief, but I guess it took a while for Nikon corporate to realize the cause of this relatively small and isolated incident.

  • Canuck

    First – not true that this problem was primarily in the US. Read the web sites. There are many problems with D600s with dust from all over the world. I am in Canada and have had problems – still unresolved for well over a year. I bought my D600 in Dec. 2013 and my dealer told me that it only affected the early batches of cameras. Also not true. There are problems with D600s sold just a few months ago before they discontinued the camera, which they should have done a year ago when this problem was first extensively documented. Also not true that replacing the shutter will fix the problem. My camera had the shutter replaced in early February, a little before the announcement and the noise build up on the sensor with the new shutter was no different than before the shutter replacement. Extensive dust/oil just a few hundred shots after Nikon fully cleaned the camera and put in a new shutter. Lastly the lawsuit is about really fixing the problem by giving customers a new D610 since cleanings and shutter replacements are not fixing the problem. There are many postings on other sites of customers that have already had the shutter replaced multiple times and they still have the problem.

  • Peter Jackson

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  • Peter Jackson

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  • Peter Jackson

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  • Serious Gearhead

    Looks like I struck a nerve.

  • Serious Gearhead

    Why don’t you Google 1DX oil and dust problem.