The Image Story: A Website that Dives Into the Story Behind Incredible Photographs

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The saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. I certainly agree with this sentiment, but there’s more to it. For every thousand words the photograph is worth, there’s three thousand explaining how the image came to be.

We’ve all had that moment when we’re browsing through some photographs online and the questions hit us. How did someone capture this photo? What gear did they use for this? What was their inspiration? How did they plan it?

Well, for moments like this, there’s now a beautifully designed resource called The Image Story.

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The Image Story is a website that tells the entire before, during and after story behind a photograph. But it goes far beyond just giving one facet of the image, every part of the process is revealed: where it was taken, what was used to take it, what the concept was, what post-production went into it… everything.

The website is also beautifully designed and streamlined so it’s easy to use. The images themselves are organized in a grid format, with the story behind the image presented in two-columns: the basic info to the left and the photographers’ stories on the right.

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There are already many inspirational images up on the site for you to learn about. And if you’re looking to submit your own photograph and story, The Image Story also offers a page specifically for submissions.

Click here to take a look at some of the interesting, unique, and sometimes downright incredible stories behind how some great photographs were taken. And once you’ve done that, don’t forget to let us know what you think of the concept and which of the images (and stories) are your favorite.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • David

    Brilliant site, proud to be part of it.

  • The Image Story

    We’re proud to feature your photography, David! Thanks for believing in the project when all we had was a blank homepage.

  • OtterMatt

    Oh man, I can already tell I’m gonna lose a few hours on this site…

  • Gannon Burgett

    I lost two last night to it.

  • Cynical Bloke

    I only hope they keep their standards high so it doesn’t get bogged down with rubbish. A couple of the stories in there were not worthy.

  • Steve

    1600 pixels wide, level 10, no watermarks, and only a sentence or two to describe the story behind the photo. Doesn’t inspire me with confidence or a desire to submit a photograph.

  • ISO640

    You obviously didn’t click on the images on the homepage ’cause there are more than a “sentence or two” describing the story. Sad we won’t get to see your images on “The Image Story,” I’m sure they’re as uplifting as your comment.

  • Cynical Bloke

    The more stories I read on there the more I realise it’s more about the photographers story taking the picture. Shouldn’t it be about the people or the landscape in the picture.

  • Sam

    It can be whatever they want it to be.

  • Cynical Bloke

    Stories about the technicalities of how a picture was taken is not a story unless it’s an amazing feat. That is just for geeks and wannabes. This should be about what is in the scene. The man in the portraits story, not that the photographer wondered around somewhere and saw a man having a smoke so took his picture. Or that someone just jumped out of the car and too a snap of a scene. None of these stories make me connect in anyway to the photographs. The snow ploughing story however does. The story should be better than the picture, even when the picture is amazing.