Pro Tip: Stabilize Your GoPro Videos Using Your Face

Here’s a video from back in 2012 that shows a basic GoPro video stabilization tip you might not have heard of yet. Put together by Mitch Bergsma of MicBergsma Productions, it shows you how holding your GoPro against your face will lead to more stable footage.

This idea shouldn’t be entirely new to most of you, and even if it is, it should make sense. Although our noggins aren’t the most stable in the animal kingdom, they are way more stable than our hands… It’s why shooting photos through an LCD screen with your arms fully extended is a sure way to draw a bit of ridicule from the photographers in the area.


GoPros don’t have LCD screens, and yet it’s rare you see someone holding one against their face when shooting handheld. If you don’t have something to attach the GoPro to for really stable footage, this is probably the next best thing for your everyday, “look at this crazy stuff my friends did” videos.

To see more from MicBergsma Productions — all of it related in one way or another to action sports videography — head over to his YouTube channel or check out his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

(via Reddit)

  • Fernando Callo

    What happened to the audio?

  • Sunny Kaura

    Yup, awesome Tip, I’m going with it!

  • Rick

    MicBergsma is deaf

  • Fernando Callo

    Yeah but what about the audio from the GoPro?

  • Smarten_Up

    Yes, back in the day, we used to have something called “viewfinders.”

    They allowed us to “find” the “view” of what the camera was pointing at–giving you an idea of the angle of view as well as the framing, they also had the side effect of completing the tripod of your two arms, by adding your head and neck.

    Go-Pro could distinguish itself from all the other “stunt” cams by adding—at maybe a cost of $10 per unit?– a viewfinder.

    Pretty neat idea, huh? I’m not holding my breath though.

    Two steps forward, one step back….!

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  • harumph

    I wouldn’t be holding a camera up to my eye during any of these activties shown in the video, so a viewfinder wouldn’t be useful in this case.

  • harumph

    Something tells me that he probably doesn’t care to edit all those different sound levels together.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Someone just really love their gopro eh…. by kissing them……during recording….

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Damn, this is amazing! Nice tip. :D

  • Margie English

    Why must there be audio? He captioned it for you.