$3,500 Louis Vuitton Mirrorless Camera bag is Perfect for Your Hasselblad Stellar


Don’t you just hate it when you spend several thousand dollars on a dressed up Sony RX100 (Mark I) or NEX-7 with a Hasselblad logo on it, only to find yourself carrying it around in the same cheap camera bag as that guy down the street who bought the Sony version?

Well fear not, dear citizen of the luxury world, because Louis Vuitton is here to help! Introducing: the $3,500 Louis V camera bag for small and medium-sized cameras.

This bag — which, mind you, is lauded as ‘strong and protective’ and features ‘several useful compartments for accessories too’ — is being reported by some as the most expensive camera bag in the world. We’re not certain that’s true, but at $3,500 we wouldn’t be surprised.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.08.08 AM

According to DealsRunner, this is the first time this bag is in stock, and given the tempting price tag, you might want to jump at the opportunity to snap one up before they’re all gone.

To learn more about the bag, purchase one up for yourself and try to resist the temptation to buy the matching $470 wallet and equally expensive belt, head over to the Louis Vuitton website by clicking here.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Ian

    Thanks for sharing, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for – I just bought the set ;)

  • Kynikos

    But is it made of real, Corinthian leather?

  • Vlad Dusil

    The LV camera bag has been around for several years now and contrary to reports has been stocked frequently.

    From a functionality standpoint, it’s sub par to the popular camera bag offerings, but it does offer luxury to shooters who demand it. The Damier canvas is pretty indestructible and $3,500 isn’t really that much in the luxury accessory realm.

    I personally wish that more luxury brands offered camera bags, I am sure that there are plenty of affluent shooters who wouldn’t hesitate to drop thousands on a luxurious, functional camera bag.

    But then you can always put padded dividers into your Herm├Ęs bag and call it the most expensive camera bag on earth.

  • Vlad Dusil

    P.S. In a world where many of us don’t think twice to indulge in our G.A.S. and drop thousands on marginally better bodies, glass and accessories, I find this post (which clearly aims to ridicule these luxury accessories and the people who buy them) equally as ridiculous.

  • Mike

    Yes it is, Corinthians are difficult to hunt so the prices are high.

  • Tyson Williams

    Ok… got it!

  • kotaro_14

    The tone the author is using is really irritating. This bag isn’t like the joke that the Lunar is. It’s just a a luxury manufacturer that has interest in making camera bags which is awesome as it gives more choices to consumers. LV makes really great quality leather goods that has lasted for years, I can attest to that. Before anyone is sceptical and thinks it’s ridiculous, do that after you’ve actually had a chance to try it.

  • Chris

    Exactly! If I could afford it I’d buy it- the LV canvas line is sturdy and water resistant and the Damier handles don’t patina which I like.

  • tttulio

    To be honest at least LV design and make their own stuff. comparing it to Hasselblad dressing up a Sony camera and multiplying its price is unfair.

  • Ilkka

    Fully agree. Leica M’s sell pretty well and most of the buyers are nowadays not poor photojournalists but affluent photographers. This would fit them nicely. And just like the lenses, will outlast a body or two. Bag is a very personal item, on size, style, design. Good that there are many choices.

  • Jeff Ladrillono

    Suckers. Born every minutle.