GoPro to Go Public, Files for a Confidential IPO


GoPro’s rise to the undisputed title of action camera king has been nothing short of meteoric. The company has gone from an operation out of founder and CEO Nick Woodman’s van, to a massive company that expects revenue to top 1 billion this year (a great story that you can find out about here) and now they’re hoping to make the jump to a publicly traded company.

Announced via press release yesterday, it seems GoPro has filed for a confidential IPO, which will commence as soon as the SEC completes the necessary review.

The last time GoPro raised any funding was in December of 2012, at which point the company was valued at a whopping $2.5 billion. Considering their revenue has more than doubled since then, the IPO is expected to value GoPro well into the billions.

(via The Verge)

Image credits: CineSkates GoPro by Cinetics

  • Carl Meyer

    If with current revenue they aren’t improving their camera or introduce new products an horde of shareholders driven by rumors while demanding more profits is not going to improve the company, obviously it’s going to be a big business for a few but maybe not so much for users.

  • Jtoro

    Congrats Carl! The prize for longest run-on sentence ever goes to you.

  • BigEnso

    Just like Twitter. If you can’t do a true IPO where everything is on the table for scrutiny, how can you be trusted down the line?

  • me

    Really unnecessary.

  • actually

    Sorry, are you saying that the run-on sentence was unnecessary, or that the comment that it was a run-on was unnecessary? This is important, so please clarify.

  • califmerchant

    u still think someone can be trusted?

  • HarryObrian

    my guess would be the latter… but that wouldn’t be my opinion.

  • HarryObrian

    While possibly true the majority of investors are not that rational nor that negative right out of the box….

  • HarryObrian

    ain’t that the sad truth?….

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