Rumor: Next iPhone to Pack 10+ Megapixel Camera, f/1.8 Aperture and Better IR Filter


Whether or not you’re a fan of smartphone photography, there’s no denying Apple’s claim that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. So what does Apple have in store for this ‘most popular camera’ that also makes calls? Some new whisperings from the rumor mill give us a clue.

According to MacRumors, sources from Taiwan’s industrial chain are claiming that the iPhone 6 (if that’s in fact what it’s going to be called) will sport a higher resolution camera, faster aperture and better IR filter.

Compared to the current iPhone 5s and its 8MP camera, f/2.2 aperture and hybrid IR filter, the new phone is said to feature a 10+MP sensor, f/1.8 aperture and a special resin lens filter manufactured by the Japanese company JSR.


All of this together should result in higher res shots, better low-light capability and ‘cleaner’ images thanks to JSR’s ARTON filters, which are said to be thinner and lighter than your standard IR filter, in addition to being better at minimizing color shifts in CMOS sensors.

This adds to previous rumors that seem to suggest the next iPhone will finally feature an optical image stabilization system.

(via MacRumors)

  • Patrik

    is better my Fuji Xt1

  • faloc

    10+ megapixels? well most phones are 10+ xD bet its still going to be made of glass and breaks when u drop it half a meter down the pavement.

  • faloc

    nah, its not

  • lord eels

    the only spec I care about for smartphones is sensor size. everything else is meaningless until that is addressed. then let’s talk about MP and max fstops.

  • Tyler Magee

    WOW F1.8 to bad the sensor is so small it wont be shallow at all.

  • Adrian S

    Samsung S4 has 13MP. It’s about time they stepped up.

  • Amadeusz Leonardo Juskowiak

    And u need more, because…

  • Dan Foy

    ‘bet its still going to be made of glass and breaks when u drop it half a meter down the pavement’ – a trait shared with practically every lens ever made, then :P

  • faloc

    nah, depends what u buy…. Canon lenses are actually really strong.. so are Leica :P Lenses are stronger than regular glass… u know glass that u drink from? Apple uses those glass

  • faloc

    besides, apple uses cheap glass, whilst most lens makers uses really expensive glass, that wont break that easily

  • Mike

    Give me a smartphone with a medium format sensor!

  • Mike

    But..but…the numbers…

  • Dan Foy

    I was being humorous. I assumed you meant the glass screen would break. I’ve never ever heard of an iPhone lens breaking, and I work part time selling phones so I do see plenty of broken iPhones.

    I shoot using Canon L lenses almost exclusively, so I appreciate that Canon’s lenses are well made. I use Schneider for large format as well, and I used to use Zeiss T* lenses on Hasselblads at uni. Frankly I’d rather drop my iPhone than any of the above.

  • James

    Don’t you know, Mega Pixels = Image Quality

  • James

    I mean, that would be a good thing in most situations, imagine having a fixed f1.8 aperture on your DSLR would be great for portraiture, but just imagine trying to take a landscape with it.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is the iPhone only has one lens, so it needs to be super versatile, and as beautiful as a shallow DOF can be, it’s anything but versatile.

  • James

    I’d be thrilled with APS-C.

  • James

    Nope, they use sapphire – a nine on Mohs scale. for comparison fluorite glass is only a 4 or 5 on Mohs scale of hardness.

  • 3ric15


  • Fernando Callo

    Really? Do you believe that sh*t?

  • Fernando Callo

    A micro 4/3 is decent and enough for a smartphone.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Too late. Apple was once the leader, but they’ve fallen behind.
    I grew bored of my iPhone, and just switched over to Android.

    So far, so good.

  • Paulo Costa

    In my humble opinion and experience, you will not get bored at all. Now you can certainly entertain yourself with major lack of support from most manufacturers, lack of official automatic updates, manual core updates from 3rd party developers, also viruses, ads, slowness, pimp-a-lot widgets, crappy apps and system crashes. Of course all of that will fit into a low quality manufactured super-smartphone with a full blown 999-core processor, 512Gb ram, 50mp camera with tele-zoom photo lenses and a 50 inch screen (elbow friendly) that will certainly fit into anyone’s car.
    For me, the leader company is the one that builds a smartphone which does the opposite of everything i wrote before, giving the best quality and user experience regarding hardware, software (online and offline), be user friendly, good support and, finally, all of this combined. Once i considered that company Nokia, now is Apple, regardless of what competition says and what market speculation “predicts”.

  • TN

    wp8 leaves a lot to be desired, but the lumia 1020’s camera equalizes things for me, in that i treat it like a camera (the cake) that can also make phone calls, email, and pull up information from the internet (the icing).. the apps are like sprinkles.. which i don’t notice if they’re there or not..

    i’ll wait till there are sample images, but from specs alone it’s not enough camera to lure me back..

  • harley

    more megapixels = *more resolution

    bigger sensor = better image quality

  • jrconner

    Given the very small size of the iPhone’s sensor, the aperture at f/1.8 will also be very small, probably the equivalent of f/11 on a DX. I get plenty of depth of field at f/1.8 with my Nikon Coolpix P310, which has a larger sensor than an iPhone. The new iPhone shouldn’t have problems with landscapes. That said, the iPhone is designed for photographing people.

  • Adrian S

    Actually the sensor size is the same size, pixels are packed more densely, and basically increasing the ISO noise.

  • greenarcher02

    Seriously? You can’t fit a very big sensor on a phone without it being like the Galaxy Camera. Even the 1020 is pushing it a little bit.

  • greenarcher02

    Still a good thing since the iPhone won’t be able to pinpoint focus on the eye all the time. And the iPhone isn’t so much designed for people. At least the back facing camera isn’t. That’s for food. The fron-facing is for people.

  • Avril111

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  • spamkiller

    You and your uncle Aiden can go f*** your selves.

  • Factcheck

    Not being able to exchange batteries is not “user friendly”.

    Oh, I forgot, you iSheep have been trained to buy a new $500+ phone every 6 months so this isn’t a problem for you.

    You sir, forget that not everyone can afford an iPhone. If it weren’t for Android, most people wouldn’t have a smartphone at all.

    It is unfair to compare an iPhone with the majority of cheaper Android phones. That’s like saying people should only drive Mercedes cars, anything else isn’t worthy. Yes, they may be superior cars, but most people will be perfectly fine driving Toyotas. The same goes for iPhone vs. Android.

    Except, if the iPhone were a car, it would have its hood welded shut. “Battery depleting? Send your iPhone to Apple! (and pay us)”, they say.

    Erm… no thanks.

  • Paulo Costa

    Yeah call me iSheep as every Android fan is now supposed to do. Does the exagerated description i made before of the Android smartphone really resembles a low budget one?? “full blown 999-core processor, 512Gb ram, 50mp camera with tele-zoom photo lenses and a 50 inch screen”? And the way, there is one small detail…i DO own an Android phone and i DON’T own an iPhone or any Apple device! I speak from experience and hands-on of hardware and software. I DO use Android cheap/expensive smartphones and Apple devices during work and the difference between the expensive ones and the iPhone is abysmal – both are expensive, but Apple is simply better overall, there is no “iSheep” in this statement just because one can’t afford Apple, there is only reality and the lack of money to buy ANY expensive smartphone, me included! Oh, i never replaced my Android battery but i need to charge every day. For me, being user-friendly is having the “user” not need to care about replacing parts of any device.

  • Darian Smith

    The Fuji Xt1 has a better sensor that the iPhone.

  • James

    :) Thanks Adrian I had no idea.

  • James

    Thanks Harley, who could have known.

  • James

    :) I’m glad some people can pick up on sarcasm.

  • James


  • NoTrollZone

    Adrian: For pity’s sake we don’t care what your also-ran Slamdunk HMDC XST4000 MegaQuantumUniverse 9 phone has, ok?
    Get a job. Stop trolling.
    Thank you.

  • NonTool

    Erm, you’re a brainless tool and I discount your opinion based on the brand of phone you own.
    See how easy it is to insult strangers online?
    Grow up.

  • SickOFTheTrolls

    Why is EVERY article online with ‘Apple’ or ‘iPhone’ in the title infested with trolls???
    Even in a photography forum like this, these cretins just can’t help themselves.
    I just don’t get it.

  • Adrian S

    And there goes Sony Xperia Z2 with the 20.7 MP and 4k video. Don’t be so frustrated you still have last months iPhone. I still have a working Sony W810i.

  • NoTrollingForReal

    Geez Trolly! Haters will hate! aaand u hate. Don’t spread ur venom it’s not welcomed! I don’t care for either brands but just look at the specs and it was about time for Apple to bring it.