Nikon Replacing Some Problematic D600’s with D610’s for Little to Nothing


Nikon’s release of the D610 was met with a bit of… hostility… from many of the D600 users who were and still are dealing with sensor spot/oil/dust (whatever the heck you wanna call it) issues. But it looks like at least a few D600 owners have been treated to a nice surprise from the company service center.

According to Nikon Rumors, reports have been coming in of D600 users who were given a replacement D610 when they sent their “dirty” models in. The replacements are, for the most part, costing the user nothing out-of-pocket — with the exception of some French users — and it looks like people in Europe and the US have been getting this treatment.

Apparently, the ‘standard procedure’ for Nikon over the past several months has been to replace the shutter mechanism on the D600’s they receive. We have no idea why they would take a different approach (and only for select users) but if you’re dealing with ongoing sensor spot problems, now may be a good time to send the camera in and cross your fingers.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • ISO640

    Seems it would benefit those wanting a full-frame to purchase a D600 and hope for problems to get a D610.

  • val1s

    I would guess, they’re putting in the new fixed shutter of teh d610, and putting a new sticker on the front.

  • harumph

    The D610 is nearly exactly the same as the D600. They are both full-frame. The D610 just fixed the sensor dust/oil issue.

  • ISO640

    And they increased continuos shooting from 5.5 per sec to 6, improved the auto white balance and added quiet continuous mode. So, if they are nearly the same (which I agree) why is there $300 difference in cost?

  • lord eels

    news flash: how did nikon get that amazing d600 full frame sensor in such an affordable body? by cheaping out in build quality, that’s how. you get what you pay for, kiddies. the d600 (and d610) are low end cameras, whether you want to admit it or not.

  • Brett

    The D3 suffers from the same oil/dust problem. For the past few months Nikon has resolved the problem for me by sending me loaner cameras every few weeks while they clean my D3. The constant shipping is adding up, at $70.00 each way for shipping, but Nikon covers that. I asked if they replaced the shutter mechanism but they claim there is no problem. I asked them how to clean the sensor myself and they said photogs aren’t qualified or supposed to touch the sensor. They also told me it voids the warranty if I try to clean the sensor myself.

  • harumph

    OK, your first post made it sound like you thought that the D600 was crop-sensor. Anyway, the current D600 list price is $100 less than the D610 for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to buy the D600 due to the risk of having a sensor dust problem. If you want to save money by buying a dirty camera in the hopes that Nikon will swap it out for a non-defective model, then go ahead, but it seems like bad advice to me.

  • harumph

    Low end compared to a D4. High end compared to a D90. It’s all relative. It doesn’t mean that the D610 is a bad camera. It’s a great camera for that price point. News flash: Nikon offers a wide range of cameras for a wide range of photographers.

  • lord eels

    it is relative, and in the full frame world, the d600 represents the lowest end available. think before you post.

  • harumph

    You need a new hobby. I’ve noticed that almost every single one of your posts is angry and insulting. Go get some fresh air.

  • harumph

    Somebody at Nikon told you that? That’s just not true. Nikon’s very own press release for the D600 problems suggested that customers clean the sensor on their own. It doesn’t void the warranty.

  • Ian

    I’m a Canon shooter, but I’m happy to see that Nikon is making nice with their D600 customers, who have gotten a pretty raw deal up until now.

  • lord eels

    don’t post utter bullcrap circular logic

  • YHT

    i guess you really that high camera to shoot your flickr photos huh?

  • Full Frame or GTFO

    If someone is trying to get a free $700, it won’t work because the D600 is a discontinued camera now so if it hasn’t already happened, the supplies of new D600’s at authorized dealers is gone and anything purchased from Ebay, Craigslist, or one of those shady 3rd party places on amazon won’t have the warranty and Nikon will happily clean them for the $100 fee plus shipping cost and won’t have to replace anything.

    Even for those who paid the $2100 full price, for those who have either gotten refunds or a new D610 (for all we know, it’s 2 people), they have already gone through hell with Nikon customer service to get this. They have already waited for over a year to get a problem solved and this is finally something that MIGHT happen.

    Photographywise, they won’t gain anything except what they paid for originally – D600 sensor that doesn’t get oil and dust. This is not a real upgrade unless you really think .5 increase in FPS, a slightly modified auto white balance, and a new quiet mode is considered an “upgrade”.

    Nikon should have done this from the start. Their denying of the problem was dishonorable and they knowingly simply cleaning the product knowing full well that it wasn’t going to fix the issue could be argued as negligent.

    Perhaps their plan all along was to underestimate the stink this would raise and just refund the loudest voices, but the D600 name is more tainted than any camera I can think of.

  • karel moonen

    Dork Feels! ! you make me laugh thanks.

  • lamed

    I’ve been going back and forth with the Nikon tech “Damon” for several weeks. I can’t get a straight answer from Nikon when I ask repeatedly, “Will Nikon repair the camera or simply clean the sensor?” (which I’ve already spent $65 to have done by a certified local repair tech).
    I told Damon I’ve been shooting Nikon for nearly 40 years and have never been more disappointed with Nikon.
    The Canon rep for SW US has offered to loan me whatever I want to try, with hopes that I switch. I’m very tempted, based on how poorly Nikon has handled this entire debacle.

  • lord eels

    if you are so experienced why did you buy such a low end camera?

  • lord eels’ #1 fan

    Wow, negative nancy. You are on a roll today.

  • 42345234523

    you must be a poor looser when you still shoot nikon.. even scott kelby switched to canon….

  • Bradjward

    Just got mine back today, mailed it in 3 weeks ago, no luck.

  • harumph

    I don’t think you know what circular logic is.

  • Mack

    I’m an ‘umble amateur, and Nikon stiffed me on my cr*ppy J1, refusing to honor the warranty and lying about it. I understand that manufacturing errors happen, but that Nikon LIED isinexcusable. I won’t be buying Nikon anything.

  • harumph

    Don’t send yours in hoping that they’ll do this for you. It looks like the people who got this deal had to fight for it. Nikon isn’t just going to surprise you with a new camera. Expect to be on the phone for hours and expect to pay a lot shipping your camera back and forth before they get to this point.

  • jbahr

    Complained about the issue, sent in test photos, nikon sent me shipping labels, charged me 56.83 to fix it, sent it back in 2 weeks. Problem fixed for now. Not a big deal. We will see if it come back.

  • Photobarker

    I set my D600 to total auto and didn’t have a problem with an ERR message. So how could it be oil dirt or what ever. I think it is in the computer part and just has a glitch. We are just screwed.

  • Serious Gearhead

    I shot Canon for years when they changed their lens mount in 1985. This meant if I wanted to buy another body I had to buy all new lenses with it. Then in the 2000’s their APS-C cameras had lenses that wouldn’t work on full-frame cameras. This meant that if you moved up to a full-frame body you had to, again, buy all new lenses. If you’re thinking Canon will be better than Nikon, history is telling you otherwise. Nikon may be making some mistakes but they’re the best game in town. I keep wondering how Canon will screw their customers next.

  • Serious Gearhead

    Actually, I bought a D600 and I don’t care about the oil/dust. I am accustomed to cleaning sensors so this is no big deal. I wanted to get a D600 but didn’t want to pay 2 grand. When the prices dropped I picked up one cheap. I clean it a couple of times a year(oil spots) and the photos are wonderful. It’s simple and quick to do. I’m going to watch the prices and if they go really low I’ll pick up another one. People are forgetting just how good this camera really is.