Google Updates Image Search, Now Easier to Sort Photos by License


In a move that will be popular with many bloggers and, perhaps, less popular with many photographers, Google has updated its Image Search options to make it that much easier to sort your results by license and find CC or public domain images that can be reused for free.

The ability has always been there, but until now it was buried with the advanced options where those not in the know might have difficulty finding them. Now, thanks to a mini-tirade by law professor and Creative Commons founding member Lawrence Lessig, the option is easily available in the ‘Search Tools’ toolbar at the top of the page.

(via Engadget)

  • harumph

    They also need to get rid of that top results bar (or whatever that is) in the search results when you’re filtering for free-to-use images. For example, if I search “Eggleston” using the most restrictive licensing filters, the very first result in the upper left corner appears to be his entire “Chromes” series. These are definitely not available to use for free.

  • Banan Tarr

    Why would photographers mind this? Serious question. I find that my customers (the paying kind…) prefer exclusivity in their images. In other words they don’t want to “just Google it” and use whatever everyone else might have already used.