Adam Magyar Talks About the Tech Behind His Mesmerizing Photo and Video Series

A couple of days ago we shared Adam Magyar’s incredible Stainless video series, shot from a moving subway train using a customized slow-motion video camera that captures something truly mesmerizing to watch. After sharing those videos, many of the commenters asked for and linked away to more details about the camera he used, and the slit-scan photography that Magyar had been doing for many years.

The video above is for those people who love Magyar’s work and want to know the technical detail behind it, but don’t want to dig through and read the detailed interviews and descriptions of the gear he uses — a 20 minute presentation for PopTech in which Magyar talks about the purpose of his projects, the technology used to capture them, and the myriad challenges he’s run into (e.g. the police…) over the years.

If you have the time and you found Magyar’s photography fascinating, this video is well-worth 20 minutes of your day.

(h/t SLR Lounge)

  • Vlad Dusil

    Amazing vision, execution and result. Bravo, Adam!


  • Will Mederski

    This has me looking at the old CanoScan scanner that’s been sitting in the closet for years in a different light…
    Time to start playing!

  • Joshua Morin

    Fantastic work!

  • Frank Carey

    There is an Android app for this. Amazing stuff.

  • no

    amazing. everything is looks interesting in slo-mo. even spices blowing up. no. this is better. a way better! such a great work Adam!

  • l0k

    I did a similar thing a while back and for me it was a massive technical challenge. I don’t have 20mins at the moment but I’m dying to see how he did it. My result is not nearly as good as his but for the sake of shameless self promotion here it is

  • Maay

    This is so very awesome. Thank you Adam for your vision and creativity. Admirable, really

  • GeneralPance

    Thanks for saving the world from Global Warming. Your sacrifice to the Climate God seems to have done the trick.

  • AliNoorani

    yours is cool too dude