Bad Engagement Photos Blog Shares the Most Cringeworthy of Engagement Pics


Once you’ve gotten to a certain level of proficiency as a photographer, it’s easy to forget how rough things looked when you first started out. Of course, that forgetfulness might be a good thing, but there’s a site out there that wants you to relive those moment by sharing them with the world.

The site is called “Bad Engagement Photos,” and it’s a new Tumblr blog dedicated to compiling some of the most cringeworthy engagement pics in the world. Pictures currently on the site range from public restroom photos to images that have been post-processed into oblivion.

Unfortunately, like many of these Tumblr blogs, some of the photos are probably being submitted by random users without permission, but the creators of the site are clear that the submissions link is also there for takedown requests.

Their most recent post is a call for submissions from quality wedding photographers who would like to share some of the photos from when they were first starting out, “Whether it’s over-editing, weird poses, whatever – Bad Engagement Photos would love to see them.”

Whether you’d like to have a laugh or you’re interested in joining the fray, showing just how far you’ve come, and maybe inspiring a beginner to push through the rough patch, head over to the website by clicking here.

(via Co.Create)

  • Lukas Prochazka

    I think some of them are good…

  • Patrick

    Starting a Tumblr that makes fun of other people’s photography doesn’t make you a better photographer.

  • Guu

    exactly, some are funny but I found some actually really good too.

    and some one could guess there is a story behind (like the groceries store one – maybe the couple met in a grocery store or had a joke about doing groceries together when married – and therefore wanted to play with the idea on the engagement photo? etc)

  • Becca Gulliver

    They’re asking for people for submissions of their own work and I don’t see anywhere that it’s suggesting that ‘making fun makes you a better photographer’ either. If photographers can see where things haven’t worked in their own images (and that is a skill in itself) and feel like submitting them to share with other people then surely it is a learning experience. You know, learning from mistakes and all that.

  • mary

    This could only happen in the photography “profession”. In no other industry, that I can think of, do you see novices deliver services to people before they have become fully competent. If you are getting married do yourself a favor and hire someone with experience, or else this could be you. Do you really want to trust the capturing of your special day to an imbecile with a camera who is “just starting out”? What an embarrassment.

  • Tim

    Sorry, but sites like these are petty and low brow. “You are not a photographer” and now this? If you have to take time to think of a witty caption in order to put down someone’s photos, that’s time you could be spending getting better at photography or learning something new. Putting down other photographers doesn’t make you better than them, and at least they’re trying. Let the market speak for itself and basically, don’t be dicks.

  • junyo

    Then you haven’t been around very many professions. People being pushed to deliver as soon as they’re reasonably capable of producing adequate results is pretty much the norm in most fields that I’ve ever seen. It’s not vaguely unique to photography.

  • Fra Lippi

    You say that because you know enough about the photography industry to tell the difference between good and poor work. I’m sure if you were involved in any other trade you’d see plenty of examples of people delivering bad results to unsuspecting customers.

  • ingmarmxy321

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  • Chris Pickrell

    Now they are. They didn’t before.

  • Chris Pickrell

    While some of them are very questionable, the title and the captions on them just make it some snide, condescending blog of people wanting to sound like they know what they’re talking about. Awkward family photos is funny cause they’re awkward photos, not “bad” photos. But nowadays these blogs just want to make fun of people while getting page hits. They just want some viral blog most likely to sell ads. But they do it by demeaning people.

    A friend of mine’s photos ended up on there, and the caption wass rude and insulting and served no purpose. It’s kind of a boring blog because of the “oh god! Really? You should just sell your camera” attitude it has.