Epic Time-Lapse Takes You on a Dubstep Tour of San Francisco

It’s not a proper beginning to the week if you don’t get at least one awesome time-lapse in your system. Okay, maybe we made that rule up just now, but regardless this one is well worth the three minutes of your time it demands.

The video was put together by photographer/filmmaker Matt Maniego of Maniego Media, who spent an entire year gathering the footage he needed to put this puppy together from start to finish.

As he explains in the video’s description:

There were a lot of long nights and early mornings, most of the time it was really cold and foggy. Living on top of a hill allowed me to look out and observe what the clouds, fog, and light would do. When it looked right, I went out and hoped for the best.


In the end, it seems to have been a year well spent judging by the overwhelmingly positive response in the video’s comments and how quickly the video has increased in popularity over the four days since it was released.

To see more of Maniego’s work, both video and otherwise, head over to his website or check out his Vimeo profile by following the corresponding links.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • v

    dubstep is such a bad music genre

  • Tadej Anclin

    This music is just to rough for this kind a video.

  • Dan Bennett

    I think the worst part about it is how long its taking to die.

  • Mantis

    All music is Bad. All music is Good.

    You decide where to categorize it for yourself.

  • Genkakuzai
  • rico

    couldn’t watch the whole thing because the “music” was so awful

  • Will Mederski

    too. much. zoom.

  • Zos Xavius

    wow. that really sums it up doesn’t it!

  • Cynical Bloke

    Sadly the music was the best thing about this video, and the music was rubbish. Why do so many time lapses involve foreground subjects like railings that should not be in shot?

  • Zos Xavius

    too. much. dubstep.

  • geeves

    Set this to some deep and sexy house and it would be proper for the city.

  • Pedro Kin Tavares

    I’m sorry but i don’t see the epicness of this video, the change of photos lack skill and look very rough, I’m not commenting on the music as it is personal taste but those changes of scenarios were killing me.

  • Marcus

    Let me introduce you to my little friend: the mute button.

  • Mantis

    I’d like to see a link to the time lapses that you’ve shot.

  • affr

    The music in this video isn’t actually dubstep.. (The music in this video does suck though I completely agree).

    Anyone who takes electronic music seriously knows this is not dubstep. This is a crappy pop-glitchhop at best. The genre of dubstep at it’s core has been long since lost since the mid 2000’s (before it was pop culture)… an electronic experimentation of true low freq sound combined with the heavy influences of real dub music. (from Jamica – like tape delay kinda stuff for anyone who knows what i’m talking about. )

    What most people call “Dubstep” these days is NOT actually dubstep.

  • lidocaineus

    What do his time lapses have to do with how good or bad this time lapse is?