BTS: Tyler Shields Explains How He Got Zachary Quinto to Risk His Life for a Photo

One of the things big time photographers are phenomenal at is getting their subjects to trust their judgement implicitly. Of course, how far does that trust really go? Well, in the case of celebrity photog Tyler Shields and actor Zachary Quinto, that trust meant Quinto being willing to be dragged behind a car at 40mph.

Shields has been doing the media rounds lately because he recently released a new book titled The Dirty Side of Glamour. The book is full of many of Shield’s controversial photographs, including the one of Glee star Heather Morris with a fake black eye, but to hear him explain it, it’s about getting celebrities to do real things.


In the case of Zachary Quinto, who plays action hero Spock in the new Star Trek movies, Shields wanted to have him really performing a stunt, rather than handing the reins to a stunt man. When he spoke to Quinto about it, he loved the idea, and they were off to the races trying to figure out how to make it happen in a relatively safe way.

We say relatively because, even though Shields won’t disclose much in way of details, it seems one of his assistants had to act as the guinea pig before they put Quinto behind the car, and that assistant is a little worse for wear. Even Quinto, who had the protection of a cookie sheet under his tuxedo as he was being dragged, left the scene with some bruising he wasn’t too fond of.

Thankfully, he was fond of the final photograph. And when he saw it, at least according to Shields, all was forgiven. Check out the video at the top to hear Shields tell the whole story, and if you’d like, drop us a line in the comments and tell us the craziest thing you’ve ever had one of your subjects do!

(via ISO 1200)

  • harumph

    Fake black eye = Getting celebrities to do real things. That’s Hollywood.

  • D.G. Brown

    “action hero Spock”

    Times have certainly changed :-P

  • dave

    Love it. Tyler Shields is my favorite artist.

  • dave

    My craziest thing… Hmmm, someone was bit by a dog on one of my shoots.

  • Gary O’Brien

    Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

  • Zos Xavius

    Did they really need to go 40mph to get this shot? Seems like 10 or 15 would have given enough of a dust cloud combined with a slower shutter to give some motion blur and you’d have a similar result.

  • Geraldo

    They are probably exaggerating. The photographer has some good images, but appears to be marketing himself as ‘edgy’ or ‘risque’. One stuff up(i.e. a highly paid celebrity breaking a few bones and costing a big studio millions) and this guy will be sued into oblivion.

  • greenarcher02

    Well the subjects agreed… So I’m not sure how far suing can go, unless the photographer really went out of his way to not ensure the safety of the models.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Unless I’m mistaken, Harrison Ford did this 32 years ago for Raiders of the Lost Ark. Spielberg and Lucas laid down a soft track of sand (miles long) about 3 feet wide – and Ford was dragged through it several times to complete the truck chase sequence.