Photog Drills Through His iPhone’s Camera to Make Lanyard in Cringeworthy Fake DIY

I’m a self-described Apple fanboy, and even I found this funny, but if you’re adverse to seeing beautifully engineered tech destroyed before your very eyes you might want to skip this one. On the other hand, if you’re an Android fanboy (or girl) who harbors a deep hate for Apple, this could be therapeutic.

In the fake DIY video above, Newtography’s Andrew Newlun sets out to show you how to turn a brand new iPhone into a handy-dandy keychain lanyard by drilling a hole right through the iPhone’s camera.

The best word to describe what you’re about to see is ‘cringeworthy,’ because by the looks of it, it’s an actual, brand new iPhone 4S that he’s working with.


It’s pretty easy really, all you have to do is drill a hole through the camera making sure, as Newlun points out, to use no safety equipment so as to look as hardcore and awesome as possible while doing it. If you lose an eye… well… at least you looked cool doing it.

It goes without saying that this is a joke, and probably not something you want to replicate at home, but we’re going to say it anyway: this is a joke, don’t try this at home!

Instead, watch as Newlun does it for you, have a little chuckle and be sure to stick around till the end so you can see Newlun do his best Jony Ive impression in a mock commercial for the iPhone Lanyard.

(via F Stop Lounge)

  • Ian

    iPhone Lanyard, aka, the iNoose if a serious Apple fanboy sees you with this around your neck – LOL – great post!

  • Prof Fuji

    Like you need a drill to break an iphone. Just a simple tap will do. Seems like half the people I see with these either have broken glass screens or have had broken glass and had to pay big bucks to buy another. Suckers.

  • Derek

    Ya, iPhones are the only phones that the glass breaks on eh. Funny how people keep falling for that scam huh.

    Your comment is stupid.

  • kondex

    Awesome… NOT! Boring and stupid, even though i am not a fan of apple or android. Just not worth of putting on PP.

  • Carlos Garcia

    Well that was not funny at all. Ugh hated his sense of humor and pretty much everything about this.

  • Prof Fuji

    Not a stupid comment, but a truthful one. I’ve never seen anyone break the glass on their androids, but iphones are extremely fragile, as many people who got swept up by the apple cult have discovered.

  • Randy Wentzel

    Feels like a fun, ripoff of a Tim and Eric piece. I like it!

  • Joakim

    Regardless of what product he broke, someone worked hard for little pay to make that. To me this is just ignorant, disrespectful and a complete waste of resources.

  • Andrew Newlun

    FYI this iphone had long been broken and replaced. It took a swim in the ocean and was ruined. Which made it the perfect prop for a youtube video. Lighten up folks ;) laugh a little and your life will be much better :)

  • Dave E.

    My girlfriend’s son has been through three Android phones; two of them were in part because the screen glass was cracked or broken.
    Give it a rest.

  • sam

    LOL~~ superb!!
    LOVE the ‘advertisement’ at end of the video

  • stfu

    did they get PAID? then STFU! he paid his fee, he used his product the way he saw fit. you dont like it? so what, your opinion counts for nothing!

  • moban

    ive have my 4s which has glass on the front and back for over a year with not even a single light scratch, and i am a very heavy user. only using a $.99 ebay bumper case and a screen protector.

    ive seen more busted glass on iphones over android also, but thats because i see more iphones over andriods in general.

  • moban

    really? as a tim and eric fan i feel you need to watch more awesome show if found this similar

  • Mo

    Looks like a snuff film :|

  • Spider- Man

    Your comment is bad and you should feel bad! ~Zoidberg LOL

  • Sid Ceaser

    awww, c’mon. “Have a friend grasp firmly with his teeth”. That was pretty funny.

  • Carlos Garcia

    I figured it was a broken phone when you said to no not even bother turning it on.
    I still have one thing to say:

    Wouldnt it have made you feel a lot better to go the extra mile and actually make a lanyard? I mean, put a little bit more effort and make a good looking lanyard? I know it would have made me feel better about myself. Dont lose the comedy bit if you dont want to, can still list eyes and hands and my grandparent as a requirement.

    And then if you still want to destroy for the sake of destroyng stuff, blow it up or use the newly created hole to tie it to a rocket or something.

    Anyway, not hating I wish the internet would let me convey that im trying to be constructive., sort of :p

  • ThatGuy

    What a waste of internet.

  • Norshan Nusi

    That’s great to hear.

    It’s not like watching videos from HowToBasic channel in Youtube.

    He smashes eggs, breaking laptops and etc…definitely worser.

    Or Kai wearing DSLR as high heels.

  • Andrew Newlun

    Ha well this wasn’t all that thought out. I didn’t want it to break i was hoping it would look better than it does but I was kinda just running with it and saying nonsense, hoping I could edit together a few jokes later,
    This was really just an experiment to see if adding a comedy playlist to my photography youtube channel would be a good idea. Photography is very over saturated on youtube so I am just trying to find other ways of getting eyes to my channel :) and if this was my first comedy video and it got posted on PP I’m thinking that it may have been a good idea ;).
    ha this is actually the video from fstop lounge where I also contribute videos and articles. The video on my actual channel was longer.

  • Andrew Newlun

    ahhh no I have no intentions to break something that I could actually use. I am glad I have never heard of those channels that sounds like it would be hard to watch.

  • Norshan Nusi

    It is.

    Well, I kinda knew that the I-phone was broken…but it was really looked new!~

    Had a little laugh when it was drilled though :)

  • Randy Wentzel

    Perhaps I should have said, “Inspired by T&E.” Didn’t say it was as good. ;)