First Leaked Photos of the Nikon DF Show Up Online


If the Nikon “Pure Photography” teaser videos left you wanting a lot more in terms of info or pictures of the upcoming Nikon DF retro full-frame, you’re in luck. Less than 24 hours before we expect the camera to finally make its official debut, several press pics of the shooter have leaked.

The photos arrived online by way of Nikon Rumors, and will give you a lot more to feast your eyes on than the teaser videos ever did:




Also, in addition to the standard top, front and back view of the camera, we also get to take a peek at the DF sporting a Nikon AR-3 shutter release cable, as well as a photo of the chassis itself:



All that’s left now is the official announcement. If you want a refresher on the specs this camera is supposedly arriving with, click here. Otherwise stay tuned for what’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome camera release in the next 24 hours.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Alan Klughammer

    D800 completely shook the photo world, giving medium format cameras a run for their money. D600 introduced an affordable full frame. But haters gonna hate.
    I have tried a lot of cameras, and as I said, I use a 5DMII regularly, I still prefer the feel of the Nikons. They just seem to work easier for me. I am not brand loyal as much as I want my tools to produce.

  • Irish Murph

    A well worn, brassed out and taped up camera is a camera that is being used for what it was purpose built for. My d3s and d700 are workhorses, dropped many times, the d3s rained on more times than I can remember, subjected to -35°c for all of last winter above the Arctic Circle in Finland. It adds character. For me it’s a tool, for many today, it’s a must have accessory. After the d3s fell off the back of my motorcycle at 50mph (no issues from the fall I might add, just scars and a great story) I decided then that I’d never be able to sell it to upgrade, as I’d have to disclose that fact and no one would want to buy it. They all want to see a “mint” camera, from a smoke free home, never taken out of the house copy. Eh??.

  • Jeff

    Funny, we saw this style of digital camera in Japan last year. Glad we are so behind the times.

  • Guest

    I think it’s cool. Any ideas if Canon were to follow suite using an F1?

  • Nick Bedford

    To be honest, I find the Fuji X cameras to be butt ugly. I even tried owning one. Ended up buying a Canon EOS M + 22mm and love it. Go figure!

  • Gary Martin

    As a Pro Canon user … This is a beautiful camera – Well done Nikon

  • Azety

    official design is Nikon FA

  • Opie

    The D800 introduced medium format image quality by using a Sony sensor. For that kind of camera, more megapixels = better. It’s not like they made a huge leap of logic.

    The D600 introduced an affordable full frame at the exact same time that Canon did it, neither actually being that much of a surprise. Again, combining one old camera’s sensor with another old camera’s body is not a huge leap of logic.

    I’m not a “hater” of Nikon gear because I’m not a childish fanboy. They have always produced high quality, yet unoriginal equipment. What I find so confounding is when people like yourself bend over backwards to convince yourself they’re some sort of creative geniuses, moving the industry forward in leaps and bounds. I just wish we would save such praise for the companies actually doing that (no, not Canon). Companies like Sony, Fuji, and the M4/3 group are reshaping the way the entire camera industry functions. Canikon are just playing catch-up.

  • Nicola Neri

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  • Alan Klughammer

    wow, that is funny, I use a tool to do a job. I find that at the present time that the Nikon tools do what I want. I have not seen a Sony, Fuji (close) or any M4/3 that cuts it. I prefer the ergonomics of Nikon to Canon (and I learned photography on Canons)
    Every camera company does innovation. Google glass is very innovative, but is not a tool I want.

  • faloc

    rather take photos on film cameras… cheaper and better than a rubbish iphone

  • faloc

    not even close to my dream ^^

  • K S B

    I sold my 55/1.2 SSC FD. It was a sad day.

  • tareq

    just like old days ,, we love it

  • Zos Xavius

    LOL. I’ll give you $10 for it… :P

  • Larry Mockus

    And the remote shutter release design just proves that the camera is aimed at the hipsters market. Do not like it anymore :) Back in the day that shutter release cable had the important MECHANICAL function, but this one is just to slightly touch the camera’s button. Totally stupid!!!!

  • RMJ

    Yet, absolutely brilliant final touch.