pixelstick: Print Photos In Midair Using This Magical Light Painting Tool


Light painting is something that takes a lot of time and patience. Even after many trial and error attempts, nailing the exact look you’re going for can be a challenge. pixelstick is a crazy new tool that aims to change all that, making mind-blowing light paintings something even artistically challenged photographers can create.

A basic description of it is: it’s a stick-like device that lets you print digital images into long exposure photos.

The pixelstick is a long aluminum housing that contains 198 separate full color LED lights. It comes with a separate controller that lets you adjust settings and choose images from an SD card.

On the back of the stick is a second aluminum sleeve that lets you spin the stick on an axis, and on the inside of the main stick is a battery compartment for 8 AA batteries.


Those images are prepared by the user beforehand inside an image editor such as Photoshop. Since each LED light corresponds to one pixel, your images will need to be resized to being 198 pixels tall.

Once the images are loaded into pixelstick, the device displays the image one line of pixels at a time. This means that by waving the stick across the scene in a long-exposure photo, you can “paint” the entire image into the frame.


Do this multiple times in a row, and you can create amazing time-lapse animation sequences.

Here are some sample photographs created using the pixelstick:




Here’s a video that introduces pixelstick and shows off some amazing light painting timelapses created using it:

The team behind pixelstick is currently raising funds for launch over on Kickstarter, where a pledge of $300 will preorder one of these devices.

pixelstick – Light painting evolved [Kickstarter via Colossal]

  • jasper

    Holy S*** thats cool

  • Aiden

    Pretty cool device

  • Sid Ceaser

    Yowzers. That is amazing.

  • Renato Murakami

    It’s quite impressive the resolution they can get with it…

  • Dhaval Panchal

    Real life Mario? YES PLEASE!

  • Ian

    This takes photo geekery to the next level – looks like fun!

  • Alan C. Lee

    shut up and take my money!

  • etothej

    Really really cool! Too bad that the price for one is 300$

  • dannybuoy

    Brilliant. Strangely the other day I wrote a note in my photography note book about creating a stick/array of LEDs for light painting… Now I see this and I see that whatever crappy device I could cobble together would be totally eclipsed by this. Looks amazing.

  • DesertandSeas

    Give it a shot anyway! You never know…

    Good luck!

  • dll

    The video is pretty cool, especially how it illuminates the surroundings, which would be probably quite hard to achieve in post.

  • agour

    look up “digital light wand”. You can DIY the exact same thing for about £80

  • jmphotography

    I’m sorry, did you say artistically challenged photographers?

    Cool device though.

  • csmif


  • Eugene Chok

    Too kool !

  • Ken Rodriguez

    The largest (2m) Digital Light Wand has 64 LEDs and costs $225. The Pixelstick has more than 3 times that many LEDs. There isn’t a Digital Light Want Kit equivalent to a Pixelstick. Plus the screen on the Pixelstick is a breeze to use. It can take an SD card with a file system and read the names of the pictures set brightness, speed of pixel traverse, countdown to start, etc. Comes with a professional carrying case that matches all the rest of the DSLR camera equipment, and an online community/forum that has example images for getting started and getting the most out of the product. I would hardly call it a waste of money.

  • Gem Webb

    I think this is a new level to the art of light painting. This bridges graphic design based branding and offering commercial advertising opportunities. Bravo! I’m considering donating.

  • Gem Webb

    I totally agree.