Leaked Set of Nikon D610 Specs Exactly the Same as the D600’s


Last month, we reported on a rumor that Nikon’s upcoming D610 DSLR will simply be a D600 clone that fixes the sensor speck issue that some owners grumbled about a while back. Now, a newly leaked set of camera specs seems to confirm that initial report.

Nikon Rumors has published a “first set” of D610 specifications it received from a source. They’re “100% identical” with the current D600, NR writes.

Existing D600 will instantly recognize the attributes of their own camera in the list: a 24.3MP full frame sensor, an ISO range of 100-6400, 39 AF points with 9 cross type, 100% viewfinder coverage, HD video recording, a 3.2-inch 921K-dot LCD screen, and dimensions of 141x113x82mm.

Although there is still the possibility that the camera will introduce new fixes and improvements, the identical size and specs suggests that we may simply be seeing a re-release of the D600 with a fixed/improved shutter assembly.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Olga Celle

    It is a shame that Nikon decides for a new model betraying its loyal customers who ended up stucked with a bad camera. Total recall would have been the honorable thing to do. A class action should began

  • george

    Attention: Nikon D 610 Owners who shoot RAW. I fretted for a week wondering when Adobe was going to add the D 610 as a supported camera for Camera Raw. BTW, I use Photoshop Elements 12. Eventually the D610 will be added to the camera list for the Camera Raw version (or newer version) that’s plugged into my PSE 12. For now I downloaded the “just released” (Beta Version) of Camera Raw Converter 8.3 and it works like a champ. YAY! I feel like I have consumated a marriage with my D 610…the camera I just purchased to backup my D3. Oh yes, I also picked up a Delkin Snug-It Pro Skin/Body Armor for the D600 and it works great…if you like that feel…I do and it provides some level of protection. Cheers!