Video: Minister Stops Wedding Ceremony to Tell Off Photographers

Remember that $100 DIY sound blimp we told you about back in June? Well, the wedding photographers in this video might wish they had build one for themselves after the tongue lashing they received at the hands of an irate minister.

In the video, the photographers are going about their business, snapping away at the couple from behind the alter, when the minister suddenly decides to turn around and ask them in no uncertain terms to go away.

The guests seem confused, the couple seems horrified and the photographers are probably embarrassed and possibly angry — in short, the minister has managed to make the ceremony an awkward mess in, oh, about 30 seconds.


It’s sad to think that this incident will taint this couple’s memory of their wedding day, and even sadder to think of how easyly it could have been avoided. A little bit of planning and communication between the minister, photographers and couple might have helped avoid this whole kerfuffle.

Obviously none of that happened in this case, and the photographers in the video decided to ultimately heed the minister and walk away rather than argue with him. What would you have done?

(via SLR Lounge)

  • Robb Nunya

    Wrong. Many MANY people worship science. You can’t tell me that you understand every study that comes out, now can you? How are you certain that what you’re fed is true?

    You have to take the word of the priest caste, and you’ve put your faith in them. You’re a rube, and you know it.

    I don’t hate science. I use it daily, and don’t’ have a problem with it. But I also know that it’s limited, and that at one time, the best science out there concluded that flies magically appeared when meat spoiled and that the earth was flat, with a sun revolving around it. Flight? Impossible!

    Today, we’ve come a good way, but we arent’ even close to knowing everything. Your hubris is a perfect example of a willfully ignorant fool.

    Einstein said it best: “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.”

  • guest2

    trust, me do-overs never happen at a wedding, forget that idea…

  • Daniel

    As a pro photographer for 26 years, first you have a contract with the church (this is an outside wedding, so it should have been taking care of before hand. The priest if he says no, then speak with the bride, then if the bride says that is what she wants, tell the priest. Like it or not it will be the bride bringing the lawsuit about “missing pictures” NOT the priest. It was handled incorrectly, yet again, HIRE A PRO PHOTOGRAPHER, we will avoid the situations.

  • daniel

    So turn the shutter noise off!

  • Daniel

    Your not very bright are you? We charge a nice amount, we are insured, we are fully responsible for the wedding, we are the ones who get sued if something goes wrong. So please keep unintelligent answers to yourself. We don’t just show up and “push buttons, and tell people to say cheese” It is quit a responsibility, you get one chance to get it right and I mean 100% right. In 26 years I have never been sued, but am fully covered. So yes we act that way for good reason.

  • Matt Wheeler

    I gots awhile to go before I get that kinda dough haha.

  • Mick

    Just saw photograher on the news. He said he asked the minister beforehand about any shooting restrictions, and was told just not to stand in he aisle. He was really surprised when the bitchy priest turned on them.

  • Semi-Pro

    I would have to admit, the last time I hear that many continuous pics being taken, the guy was stealing 2nd base! Pick your shot and shoot single pics discretely, don’t just hold down the button and go all continuous on them…. and situations like this is what zoom lens’ are for. Capture the event, don’t become part of it. I would never get that close in a wide open place like that.

  • john2013

    I dont understand the ministers sensibility…..he would react in the same way at a funeral ceremony where people cry, and the noise is much higher?….and yes he could tell to the photographers at the begin of ceremony what he likes to not to do! The minister considered himself superior, and it is a sign of unrespect!

  • Biff

    You sound just as judgmental as those you accuse.

    Your problem is: you’re under the constraint of being taught not to be judgmental.

    So every time you break your teachings, you look like a hypocrite.

    I am judgmental.

    I sometimes try not to be one.

    But I am a flawed human being.

    Now the reason this is not a problem is: I do not pretend not being judgmental.

    Meanwhile, religious nutjobs have airs of being righteous.

    And that easily leads to the hypocrisy doing the very things they accuse others of doing.

    I’ve seen enough Islamic religious extremists to know how much religion can pervert reality.

    Crusader religious extremists.

    Pedophile priests.

    Hell, Jesus himself was fed up of self-righteous Pharisees.

    For these reasons, I do not put much stock in religion.

    I put stock on the people themselves.

    If they’re good people, it doesn’t matter what their religion is.

    Their goodness will shine.

    And if they’re evil, it doesn’t matter what their religion is.

    Their evil will come out.

  • Biff

    Your stupidity knows no bounds.

    And No.

    That’s not a smart thing to say.

    Science is not a religion.

    You are Wrong.

    In fact, I dare you to put your money where your mouth is:

    Go campaign to have all sciences taught in religion classes.

    Go campaign to have the sciences taught in religious settings.

    Go campaign to have science classified as a religion.

    Your foolishness fascinates me.

    But it doesn’t surprise me.

  • Biff

    I want to see you campaigning.

    I promise you won’t look like a fool.

    It is high time science is classified as a religion.

    You can do it.

  • guest

    i shoot wedding video and i had a buddy tell me about this video. i am always respectful, but i cant believe how many people actually agree with this guy. its an outdoor wedding, enough said. at churches i take my orders from the priest ahead of time (if they have any) but at an outdoor ceremony its fair game. its a new age of shooting, couples want unique shots from all angles/positions. somewhere it mentioned that he gave the order not to walk on the aisle??? is that for real? where would you like us to shoot from? its slightly different for photogs with 200mm lenses, but that doesnt work with video.

  • Martine Sansoucy

    In the end, the minister may have just been having a bad day. As a photographer I make it good business to come up, introduce myself and shake hands with whoever is conducting the wedding. I always ask if there is anywhere they don’t want me to be. I have never ever had a bad experience with a minister/pastor/JP and perhaps if these photographers had taken the time to extend some common courtesies this whole situation would have been avoided.

  • Taylor Arrazola

    so true…