Security Camera Captures What It’s Like to Almost Get Hit by Lightning

We’ve featured some amazing instances of lightning strikes being caught on camera in the past, but none quite like this. The video above is security camera footage that shows what it’s like to have a bolt of lightning strike the ground just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

The strike, which happens 4 seconds into the 22-second video, appears to hit a cluster of trees on the other side of the walkway. A bolt of lightning is seen in at least one of the frames, after which a number of shell-like explosions happen at the base of the trees.


The footage was captured at 3:06 in the afternoon on September 10th, 2013 during a thunderstorm in North Jackson, Tennessee. YouTube user Philip S owns the security camera, a Cisco PVC2300 camera that is set to records continuously 24/7. Philip says he stores the past 12 hours of footage at any given time.

Imagine the kind of shot that could have resulted had Philip been using a dedicated camera and a lightning trigger!

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  • BardurM

    I’ve ones, on vecation in estonia “Almost got hit by lightning”..
    And yes – it’s as crazy as that.. or even more so in person..
    I was only a few feet away from a tree that was split in two.. and i was just lucky enough to jump inside a doorway to watch it all happen! The sheer brightness of it all blinded me like a flashbang! .. It was kinda awesome but yet scary as nothing i’ve experienced before!..

  • Renato Murakami

    Weird how you don’t see a blinding flash… but impressive nonetheless. Imagine if someone was walking right by it. Pants shat etc

  • dannybuoy

    That’s sort of what happens to people when I’m near them

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    That’s all due to the camera. The blinding flash is there, but too quick for the camera to catch.

  • Nancy Hall

    My family once lived in a suburban neighborhood built on a swamp. Lightning strikes were common. Our yard was especially attractive because we had an enormous willow tree in the back. I remember seeing it hit the yard like it hit the yard in this video. It hit a neighbor’s roof. The tree was hit a couple of times. There was a strike that hit near the front door and sent a little streak of current under the door, singeing the rug. I was afraid of thunderstorms for years after moving from that house.

  • MJ Coffey

    wow, that was intense!

  • Renato Murakami

    Low frame rate, right?

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  • ada

    0:14 best part ever!

  • Ladyblahblah

    Holy crap! That was bone chilling! Don’t want to be near it at any time!

  • Ashraf Faden

    WoW!! Good thing no one was there!

  • 9inchnail

    Underwhelming footage. I almost gut struck by lightning once. Struck maybe 50 feet in front of me, right into the street. I don’t know how much closer I could have been without getting electrocuted but it was definitely scary as hell. Especially if you don’t have anywhere to go and expect the next one to strike any second.

  • Alan Janssens

    Lightning, does NOT come down from the sky and hit the ground, or object on the ground. A ”bolt” comes up from the ground or an object on the ground or in the ocean (sailboats etc.) and meets another bolt from the sky at about 1500 feet or more and when this occurs, the explosion you hear is the sound of the air being moved to make room for the two bolts meeting. Search the web…lightning strikes Florida and have a nice day. (PS. If you are out and your hair stands on end, hit the ground and lie may be a lightning rod).