Leica Unveils the ‘Leica C': A Sleek, Audi-Designed Compact Camera


You’d think companies would be shying away from creating new compact cameras — or maybe going the way of Sony with its lens cameras — but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Earlier today, another big player released a new line of compact cameras: Leica.

The new camera is called the Leica C (no doubt standing for “compact”) Type 112, and apparently this is only the first of a whole line of C-series digital compacts to come.


This first model seems to have drawn its inspiration from the Panasonic Lumix LF1 in much the same way Hasselblad’s Stellar “drew inspiration” from Sony’s RX100, meaning same camera, different shell. Inside you’ll find a 12MP 1/1.7-inch sensor peeking out through a 20-200mm (35mm equivalent) f/2-5.9 Vario-Summicron lens.

You’ll also find a 3-inch 920k-dot LCD, a manual lens ring for precision control, built-in WiFi and NFC for remote control via iOS and Android smartphones, and a 200k-dot electronic viewfinder for more serious shooters and bright light situations. I’ll also be able to shoot Full HD video.



Design-wise, Leica is boasting that it was Audi that helped shape the “slim, elegant and sophisticated” Leica C Type 112 and its optional accessories. You’ll be able to pick up the Leica in either “light gold” or “dark red.”



Interested parties in the UK will be able to pick up their own Leica C Type 112 camera starting in mid-September at a price of £550. Those of us in the US will have to wait until October, but it looks to be worth it as it’s set to cost only $700 here (if you do the conversion £550 should equal some $860).

Regardless of where you buy it, the Leica C will come with the newest version of Adobe Lightroom.

  • Vlad Dusil


  • Poki

    200k dot EVF? Yeah, have fun.

  • Keith

    It an RX100 with a height extension

  • waterengineer

    Who is this camera designed for, Leica….errrr should I say Panasonic?

  • jasonpolk

    Audi designed, but it looks like just about every other Leica out there. That’s not a bad thing, but it isn’t something to crow about.

  • Rabi Abonour

    And, you know, a much smaller sensor (1″ in the RX100 vs. 1/1.7″ here). And “Audi designed”? What a joke. Leica is dead. Their old film bodies and glass will always be legendary, but the modern company is just pathetic.

  • highfructosecorn

    what ever happened to leica producing innovative high quality equipment?

  • Truikos

    Leica is certainly not dead. They have made lots of 35mm compacts and digitals with small sensors for many years, this isn’t something new. I think these cameras are as pathetic as the next guy, but Leica as a company isn’t going to die because of it…

  • Zachary Larsen

    Here’s what I don’t get. On my Canon S100, with the same sized 1/1.7″ sensor, the lens focal length of 5.2mm to 26mm is equal to about 24-120mm in 35mm terms. That means that a 1/1.7″ sensor has a crop factor of about 4.6x. This Leica, according to the lens, has a 6.0-42.8mm f2-5.9 lens, which with a 4.6x crop factor would make it closer to a 28-197mm lens, not 20-200mm, like the article says. (I can forgive the extra 3mm on the tele end as a rounding for marketing thing, but there is a huge difference between 20mm and 28mm on a 35mm camera.) Is this a typo? Because if it truly is 20mm at the wide end, that might actually be kind of sweet. If it’s 28mm at the wide end, then meh.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Dat price…

  • Hoppysport

    Why would anybody buy this camera for over $800? Yes, the zoom is longer than the Fujifilm X20 (I have an X10 and love it) with a much faster lens throughout its range.

    The X20 has a larger sensor, has unreal build quality, and takes superb images. As the former owner of a Panasonic LX3, which is also a camera used by Leica for it’s Digilux series, that is a sweet camera. But certainly not worth the premium.

    For a carry/street camera, go with the X20 (or now cheaper X10), Canon S95, S100, and S110…or the Sony RX100.

  • Joakim

    Mind you their digital compacts arent THEIR digital compacts. Other than the M8/M9/M9P/Monochrom/M (240)/M-E, only the X and S series of recent digital cameras are actually manufactured by Leica. All -Lux series and this new C is made by Panasonic.
    There probably wont be another D-Lux model.

  • 3ric15

    $400 without the Leica logo on it… $700 with the Leica logo

  • Truikos

    Oh I’m fully aware of that. It’s crazy, but people will still buy them and Leica won’t die any time soon. I’ll probably never own a digital M either, not because of the price, but because of how it will lose its value over time, unlike my precious M6, and even that I’m contemplating selling to fund my growing Nikon FM2 kit

  • Guest

    You want Leica ? Buy Fuji, Olympus or Panasonic.

  • beautox

    Red paint is expensive, don’t you know?

  • Scott Cramer

    AUDI – A$$holes Under Delusions of Importance.

  • Rabi Abonour

    I should clarify – I didn’t mean that Leica is filing for bankruptcy anytime soon, but that it has lost credibility. It keeps releasing cash-grab compacts, and only the occasional flagship camera meant with a reaction of “Not bad, but way overpriced.” I don’t think most people really associate the Leica name with quality in regards to modern products in the way they did with the old-school gear.

  • Truikos

    But so they have done for years! Maybe not back in the 50s or 60s but almost for the last 20 years (Minilux etc.). I have to disagree, I think most people DO associate the Leica brand with quality, and I have to agree, maybe not price/performance-wise, but the build quality and IQ of their mid/top-shelve products are something you just don’t find anywhere else. I really hoped the X-Pro 1 and X100 would rival this when they came, but after trying them they sadly don’t. Even though I would never buy one and it has a lot of quirks, the M9 was revolutionary when it came in terms of size and staying true to the M design. Could you get a Nikon or Canon kit for a fraction of the price that would take equally good pictures? Definitely, but the size and selection of lenses and just the whole experience of shooting a Leica is what people pay for :) (also there are those who just got a sh*tload of cash to burn).

    Anyways, I think we kind of agree, their “cheap” consumer-oriented products are kind of laughable, but my point it that it’s not something new

  • kimberly537

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  • Willi Kampmann

    Do the Panasonic and Leica versions really have the same build quality, materials, warranty? What about extras: The Leica version ships with Lightroom; maybe any other additional pack-ins?

    In any case: The Panasonic version is a pretty good camera, and the Leica version looks better to me aesthetically. For that price I prefer a good MFT camera, or even the RX100MK2, but still I find the camera intriguing.

  • janieboy32

    D-LUX6 High gloss black