UK Parkour Athlete Creates Video Game-Inspired Death-Defying POV Video

Remember back in early July, when we shared a breathtaking POV parkour video shot by athlete James Kingston of the Ampisound team? Many compared that video to the parkour-influenced first person video game Mirror’s Edge, and Ampisound was quick to mention that any resemblance was totally and completely intentional.

The team took it to another level in their newest video, however, by dressing team member Neil Cointet up in the same clothes as the game’s protagonist Faith Connors and having him go on a little jaunt with a camera attached to his head.


Of course, little jaunt might be a bit of an understatement. Descriptors like “terrifying,” “exhilarating,” “death-defying” and “vertigo-inducing” are more on the money.

Cointet flies over the rooftops of Cambridge for two and a half minutes that’ll have you holding your breath. And once you’ve finally exhaled, we suggest you watch the original Mirror’s Edge trailer below to see just how accurate Ampisound went on this one.

The video was shot as a tribute to Mirror’s Edge 2, which was announced at this year’s E3 conference. If you like what you see, be sure to show Ampisound some love on their YouTube channel, and you might just get to see more. “If it does well,” says the team in the video’s description, “we’ve got some plans for a second one!”

Check out more from the parkour team at their website, YouTube channel or Facebook by following the corresponding links.

(via The Verge)

  • Ivan

    Good job, but somewhat hard to follow with ultra-wide rectilinear lens. Corners are stretched (by design), which is fine for stills but video footage produces strange effect by making objects in the center apparently move slower than those closer to the corners that just zip away from the frame, which looks unnatural in the end. This constantly draws attention towards extreme corners and away from the center of the frame. Fish-eye would have been much better choice for this video, and no wonder it is in fact used as a lens of choice for videos like this.

    I understand this video was made to mimic the game which uses rectilinear view, but notice that game engine wisely uses blurred corners at high speed moves to keep our attention at the center of the frame. They could have also used vignetting, or combination of both, little tricks to suppress our brains’ million years old wired preference to detect possible approaching predators with peripheral vision then to move attention in that direction to asses the threat.

  • thunander

    Yeah, totally. Didn’t get this video at all due to all the extreme corners. It could really been a cool insight in what experienced free runners see if it wasn’t for the corners.

  • Alex Dickson

    I though the video looked fine but then again I have played Mirrors Edge quite a bit so perhaps Im just used to it.

  • Niall Hastie

    That was cool as hell!
    Loved playing Mirror’s Edge when it came out and that video was just impressive!
    Have to say, I thought it looked fine, and I had no problem following the action in the centre of the frame.

  • Jordan Butters

    Looks like Cambridge, UK to me?

  • Edwaste

    Trespassing – YEAH!

  • KH

    That’s a lot of faith in old building materials.

  • Joe

    actually, the Mirror’s Edge Video if not from Mirror’s Edge 2 :)