Slow-Motion Photo Booths: The Next Big Thing in Wedding Photography?

Here’s something that could very well be the “next big thing” in wedding photography: slow motion photo booths. Check out the hilarious video above for an example of what one such booth recently produced.

This particular reel was created by Seattle-based video production group Super Frog Saves Tokyo (SFST) at the wedding of Quang and Ellie. The heart of the booth was a RED Epic camera worth tens of thousands of dollars, a 18-50mm RED lens, and a monitor. There was also a white backdrop, random props for the guests, and four Konova 900 LED lights illuminating the booth.


SFST says that everything was shot at 160 frames per second, and that takes guests a little time to understand and warm up to the idea of slow motion footage:

We just made sure the look was clean in camera and then did color correcting afterwards. Blaine Ludy (Director/Editor of this project) is just really great at getting people to do stuff. In the beginning, people were timid, but as he showed them takes they began to understand what we were doing. Also, it was a wedding with an open bar. The video is edited (mostly) chronologically so you can see people get progressively less inhibited as the night went on.

The group also says that they’ve been receiving more requests to have this type of slow-mo booth set up at other events. We’re guessing they’ll soon find themselves with the phone ringing off the hook as this type of video goes viral on the Web.

(via Jezebel)

  • ope


  • frank mckenna

    This is awesome. I wonder if you could get close with using Twixtor instead of spending all that money on a RED camera. I love it

  • Andreas

    Again proofed that expensive equipment doesn’t mean good results…

  • FotoFink

    Just curious…. how are we able to use copyrighted music for this?

  • Carl Meyer

    DSLR video at 60fps slowed down can do the trick for most people.

  • Joe Gunawan

    Or the GH3 with its native 1080p 60p slowed down to 120fps.

  • xaphod

    why not use a Nikon V1, V2 for this? both can shoot at 640×240 at 400fps or 320×120 at 1200fps (!) for under $1k.

  • Joseph

    Hey, you should come over for dinner and then we can watch the guests from my wedding blow bubbles is slow motion

  • Brian Lee

    Or just use a GoPro Hero Black Edition… 720p@120fps Everyone will bulge out!

  • Michael Palmer

    Like it!

  • BVT

    What happened to weddings being about the bride and groom.. turning into a circus!

  • Gustavo Gonz├ílez

    I love it!

  • Jordan Butters

    This is brilliant.

  • PianoPlaya

    I’m sure they will have a lawsuit coming up shortly with how viral the video is getting.

  • Ben Woodworth

    You just answered your own question. The above video is displayed in 1080p, but was most likely shot in 4K. Not really comparable to 640×240, eh?

  • Ben Woodworth

    I’m assuming you’ve never used Twixtor before. It is very limited in its capabilities. Also, I doubt these guys bought a Red camera specifically for this shoot. They just utilized a piece of equipment in their kit to produce something unique. Plus, if they end up getting hired to do this every weekend during wedding season, it’ll pay off that camera in no time.

  • xaphod

    Where are videos consumed? Mostly on mobile devices with screens less than 5″. Ever held such a device, say an iPhone, at a normal distance from your face and compared 1920×1080 to 640×240? Not a noticeable difference to an average person (other than the aspect ratio of course)

  • Ben Woodworth

    You honestly think somebody would want a video produced at 640×240? Making videos for the lowest common denominator makes no sense. If even the wedding couple wanted to watch this on their computer or an HDTV, then it’s worth having 1080p just for that.

  • xaphod

    Ok you’re right. Having $10k for 1080p 160fps is the only way a wedding couple would be happy. If you don’t have a $10k camera then you should just forget about it.

  • Ben Woodworth

    I’m not saying there aren’t cheaper ways of doing it. There are a good number of cameras these days that can do 120fps at full HD that aren’t nearly as expensive as a Red camera. My point was simply that comparing 640×240, horrible quality video to 4K 120fps from a Red camera is just silly. Obviously people have different budgets for creating lasting memories at their weddings, but if I’m a production company trying to make money, I would prefer to offer a top-notch product that will get me high-paying clients.

  • Southern Gal

    lol so many fantastic reaction gif’s in this video!

  • Southern Gal

    Yeah if you gave the couple a video of their wedding in 640×240 you better getting ready for the backlash. I would be super pissed. HD on please

  • xaphod

    Yes, that’s precisely what I said: record *all* videos in 640×240. Definitely don’t use your perfectly-1080p-capable DSLR to take the normal videos while you explore fun artistic slo-mo stuff with a cheap Nikon 1-series camera, much better, a cheap GoPro as Brian helpfully pointed out.

    And i’m sure if you offered any couple the choice between an arty fun thing at 640×240 or nothing, they would choose nothing every time. And definitely don’t set expectations up front or anything.

  • Guest

    So foolish. They publicize that they own a RED, too. Well, they used to own one before having to pay for the impeding lawsuit. This video doesn’t to go viral. Some production person who already got banged for doing this will turn them in. The link to do so is easily accessible once you’ve been through it. Wow, people are dumb.

  • Guest

    So foolish. They publicize that they own a RED, too. Well, they used to own one before having to pay for the impeding lawsuit. This video doesn’t need to go viral. Some production person who already got banged for doing this will turn them in. The link to do so is easily accessible once you’ve been through it. Wow, people are dumb.

  • Christopher Shepherd

    The amount of detail you are seeing with 4k scaled down to 1080P is the difference. If you shot it at 640×240, you are losing that crisp detail. They are literally capturing 10x the detail.

  • jshbckr

    To simply answer your question: they aren’t exploring “fun artistic slomo stuff”. They are selling a product. A high quality product. They need equipment that produces that quality and does so consistently. This is the same reason why construction companies have big industrial tools and we use plastic junk from Home Depot.

  • xaphod

    Where in this article does it focus on selling a “high quality product”? Why does this not simply qualify as an idea, as art? That’s how I consume petapixel: a launch-pad for ideas.

    Here’s what I see: a fun idea that isn’t obvious and most people haven’t thought of — wedding photobooth slomo video. Here it is shown done at a professional level. I presume most people reading this site will not ever have a $10k RED.

    Here is the point of my post: after running photobooths at weddings for some time, i’ve never had this idea. And at my next wedding if I borrow a friend’s GoPro and do something like this *in addition* to what I contractually agreed with the couple, and it doesn’t turn out well, then it doesn’t matter. I didn’t even tell the couple it was gonna happen. If on try #2 I get it right, then i’m going to make ppl very happy. And I bet it inspires new ideas along the way.

  • deneemotion

    This is a next big thing in wedding cinematography! Love from London x

  • Final_Word


  • Jason Pavey

    We have one of these in Australia at Jason Pavey Films

  • Mike Keller

    It’s not about the wedding. This is about the reception. And today’s brides and grooms WANT to have fun and have a party. They want to remember the guests that came to the wedding. And they want everyone else to remember their wedding because it stood out as something different.

  • Fullstop

    nobody cares

  • Jason Pavey

    The people that email me asking for the slow mo booth every day seem to care…

  • latoshaf95

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  • Denise

    We hired one for our wedding from motionbooth and it was the funnest experiences we’ve had in a while, you’ve got us hooked.