Humor: What if Disney Princesses Shared Photos on Instagram?


I admit that I am an Instagram Junkie. To paraphrase that classic SNL line: “I got a fever and the only prescription is MORE INSTAGRAM.” It’s not that I really enjoy sharing images of my dog and what I had for dinner, it’s more that I love looking at the uploads of those I follow. Following celebrities is a lot of fun, as you get to see a glimpse inside their world. What are they thinking? Where are they going? What are they doing? knows this and took it a step further…all the way to Disney.

Yes, if you ever wanted to know what a Disney Princess Instagram account would look like, this is it.

Warning: those afraid of heights might not want to follow Rapunzel.












You can find the original collection over on BforBel.

Image credits: Parody illustrations based on Disney films created by BforBell and used with permission

  • bob cooley

    What if Disney Princesses Shared Photos on Instagram? We’d be calling them annoying hipsters?

  • Matthew Wagg

    Totally out of the ballpark but how would Sleeping beauty known because she’s sleeping take photos of herself?

  • Graf Almassy

    You know… hipsters.

  • bob cooley

    I love it – a downvote – someone didn’t like being called a hipster, or have a sense of humor. ;)

  • bob cooley

    lol – love it.

  • bob cooley

    Perhaps it’s not love’s true kiss that breaks the spell, but #hashtags! You have to admit, though – taking a photo of yourself sleeping is the ultimate “selfie’. (okay, i just used two trendy concepts in one post – I’m going to go scrub with steel wool now…)

  • Matthew Wagg

    Careful Bob, its a slippery slope once you start with those trendy concepts.

  • Brendan

    Does Carrie Fischer use instagram?