Creative ‘Hyperlapse Postcard’ Takes You on a Tour of the Country of Georgia

Although it shares a name with a certain state about 90-miles east of where I live, the country of Georgia couldn’t be more different in every other way. The mountainous 26,216 square mile country is packed with gorgeous sights that range from Black Sea beaches to gorgeous mountain ranges.

The folks at Timelapse Media decided this picturesque country deserved its own “hyperlapse postcard” as they call it. And so they grabbed their cameras and got to traveling.

The time-lapse was shot in HDR, and so it has a look that Timelapse Media refers to as “dreamy.” If HDR isn’t your thing, the general look of the shots might not appeal to you, but the tour should be enjoyable nonetheless.


Location changes were done creatively in post by moving into and out of sun glasses, car windows, fences and whatever other enclosed shape they could find.

The effect can be a little bit dizzying when it’s done in quick succession, but it was a more unique way to move between all of the cities and landmarks they shot — Batumi, Cminda Sameba, Gelati, Gori, Kutaisi, Mestia, Tbilisi, Sighnaghi, Stepancminda, and Upliscyche — than simply cutting from one to the next.

Check out the video at the top to see what they’re calling “probably the most friendly country in the world” for yourself. And if you want to see more from Timelapse Media, head over to the group’s website by clicking here.

  • Daire

    It’s a neat idea for a travelogue, it’s a pity they had to PP it into a disgusting muddy mess of tone mapping or HDR or whatever it is they did to it. urgh.

  • Carl Meyer

    Hideous post processing is hideous.

  • Bernard

    I actually kindof like the unusual post processing. It is funny though to see Georgia made out to look like it’s Italy or something. This is a country where I was detained at gunpoint by the police because they claimed I was a ‘heroin addict’ ($20 bribe ended that one), where our hosts told us we couldn’t speak English in the commuter van because the driver would radio the police ahead to shake us down, and when we arrived in Tbilisi there were billboards everywhere advertising a reward for the whereabouts of a French tourist recently kidnapped. Georgians on the whole are indeed very hospitable, and have amazing food, culture and history, but it is most definitely not your average safe country for tourism and thus “most friendly country in the world” is a bit much.

  • JABA

    bernard, When were you in Georgia?

    and where are you from?

  • Zet

    I indeed recognise Georgia of the 90’s in Bernard’s story. Fortunatelly things changed drastically. Not only will you not be “shaken down”, the cops won’t as much as look at you the wrong way. Corruption (at least that affecting common folk) has been wiped out. Not much crime either. So yeah, much has changed.

  • Katieé.Ge

    Hey, Bernard, I have even forgotten that crazy past of Georgia, უნტილ 2003-2004.
    Yes, the things have definitely changed since then, and now it’s super safe place :) no worries, come and see :)

  • Aleksandre Manelashvili

    Bernard would be right if saying all this 10 years ago. Nowadays, all he says is just bad peace of memory …

    Great job with Video. However one remark: Cminda Sameba is not a city, but church (there are several churches with that name. I do not know which exactly you guys mean.

    Respect …