Using a ‘Smile’ Sign On the Ground to Get Passersby to Pose for the Camera


Here’s an interesting idea for street photogs who want to get some candid shots of people in a public square: tape a “Stand Here and Smile” sign on the ground, set yourself up a little ways away, and capture what happens.

That’s what photographer Daniel Adams did in Jerusalem yesterday, and he walked away with a few group shots and some humorous candids as well.

Adams decided to perform the “quick project” for fun yesterday afternoon. So he took his camera to a public square, taped a sign to the ground in the middle that said “Stand Here and Smile” in both English and Hebrew, and then positioned himself on an elevated spot directly across from the sign.

“Most people ignored the sign, or just didn’t see it, some people saw the sign, and looked in all directions except up,” writes Adams. “Then there were the people who were determined to figure out why the strange little sign was taped to the ground. And upon spotting me […] they would finally make the connection, at which point I would smile, wave and snap a few photos.”

Here’s are a few of the shots he wound up getting:













It’s not a groundbreaking idea or incredibly artistic series, but it’s a fun experiment that might turn an otherwise boring afternoon into a chance to snap some photos and get your name out there. Some of his subjects told him the sign “made their day” … we have a feeling they walked away with one of his cards.

You can find the rest of the photos on Adams’ Flickr stream. And if you’d like to follow/find out more about Daniel Adams Photography, head over to his Facebook page by clicking here.

Image credits: Photographs by Daniel Adams and used with permission.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Jake!

  • IAR

    I gonna try to do one that says “‚ÄúStand Here and Flash Me”… I hope it works!!!

  • Mary

    I will never understand why anyone would want photos of strangers.

  • Cinexcellence

    For me it’s about capturing a truly real, candid moment. In this particular instance, it seems to be more about giving people an experience/memory.

  • Guest

    I love the way that someone who appears to be a street cleaner and his supervisor have a conference over whether or not to remove the sign, and then walk away smiling and posing, leaving the sign in place. Great when “the authorities” don’t get all power mad and spoil the fun! :-D

  • Zos Xavius

    Its not about wanting pictures of other people. Its about capturing a feeling, a moment, Capturing the essence of something. The decisive moment when everything comes together is magical and it doesn’t matter if that happens on the street or in a group of friends. For some chasing after that moment is like a junky chasing after a high. people’s faces and expressions tell stories and good images have stories to tell.

  • nenjukkule

    To find possible rape candidates. Is that answer convincing enough?

  • Syuaip



  • Michael J Burgess

    this story for some strange reason, just on reading the title made me giggle and LOL