Nikon D800X: A Huge D800 DSLR Replica Created Out of Styrofoam


Yage Yang of Taipei, Taiwan is passionate about two things: snapping photos with his camera and building things with his hands. In June 2012, he decided that he would build a giant replica of a Nikon D800 out of styrofoam, just for fun. The project took him an entire year to complete, but the result, a “Nikon D800X,” is ridiculously impressive.

Yang started by carving the body, battery grip, lens, and lens hood pieces out of giant blocks of styrofoam.


Along with the body, he created all kinds of small buttons, knobs, and dials:


He also found a glowing LCD screen to serve as the illumination behind the top display panel.


The lens is a Nikon 14-24mm:


Here’s what the finished camera shape looks like next to an actual Nikon D800:


Testing out the ergonomics of the camera:


Applying a coat of black paint:



Enlarged decals give the camera extra realism:


A giant camera box was created to go along with the gear:



It’s finished! Here’s what the Nikon D800X looks like next to the real thing:


The LCD panel on the top of the camera actually glows:




After finishing the replica, Yang took it to a Nikon shop on Taipei’s Camera Street to show the employees there. It was a hit.




Want to see a detailed step-by-step documentation of how the Nikon D800X was built? Yang has published a boatload of photographs — 210, to be exact — to this Facebook photo album.

Building a Nikon D800X [Facebook via Nikon Rumors]

  • Richard Horsfield

    Impressive work…

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Amazing! I would buy that. :)

  • Adam Cross

    that’s awesome, imagine the size of the files a sensor that size would create ;D

  • Norshan Nusi

    Large format D800 O_o

  • Leonardo Abreu

    500mb each photo… lol

  • Calvin

    How many fingers does she have?

  • LKC

    does the supper kit come with food too?

  • Matt Wheeler

    Nikon’s new 1K MP camera! Only 100 dollars while supplies last!

  • dannybuoy

    Impressive. But why?

  • Stian Rekdal

    Has to be some giant memorycards if theres room for 3.7k raw+jpeg fines left =)

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    Why not? LOL

  • bob cooley

    It’s art – why did the Mona Lisa smile? No reason needed.

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    Haha, that’s a huge ass CF card 3.7K raw+jpeg!

  • Burnin Biomass

    raw+jpeg+a tiny artist inside the camera that will paint your image.

  • onan

    would be even better if it functioned with large format film.

  • Eugene Chok

    doh i just bought lots of gear in taipei… wish i found this store !!!

  • Bryan Lowry /

    Forget camera backpacks, you’re camera is a backpack. Had to do a double take on her hand too. I wonder if anyone there rides a scooter to work………

  • faloc

    the box, it says “Nikon D800X Supper kit” xD

  • faloc

    I saw that too xD

  • Syuaip

    the thing needs a D7000 in P mode inside with a remote trigger connected to the shutter… download via USB… with maybe an 85/1.8D… that’s would be awesome…

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    Wow :-D very big =D

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