Amazing Skateboarding Self-Portraits by Fabiano Rodrigues


Last month, we featured the life and work of Arto Saari, a legendary professional skateboarder who has turned into quite the skateboarding photographer in recent years.

Fabiano Rodrigues is very similar. The Sao Paulo, Brazil-based skateboarder and photographer has a fantastic eye for composition — particularly when it comes to shooting self portraits.

Slightly censored. Original higher-res version can be see here.

This is a slightly blurred SFW version. Original higher-res version can be see here.

39-year-old Rodrigues was first in front of the camera before he was behind it. While touring as a pro skateboarder through Europe and Brazil, he would regularly be photographed doing tricks. He soon became interested in composition, motion, and architecture, and began photographing other skateboarders in addition to skateboarding himself.

Rodrigues regularly shares brilliant images of other athletes doing their thing to his Tumblr photography page. Earlier this year, he published a series of self portraits in which he is seen doing tricks and catching air in locations with beautiful architecture.

The images are captured with a Hasselblad medium format camera and a wireless remote control. After framing each scene, Rodrigues enters the scene, performs a trick, and trips the shutter at the apex.

The framing of the shots is impressive, and the photographer pays careful attention to incorporating light, shadows, and the surroundings into each of the images.
















An interesting aspect of this work is that each of the photos is only printed a single time. Rodrigues is selling the one off prints at the Logo Gallery in San Paulo, Brazil.

(via Logo Gallery via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Fabiano Rodrigues, courtesy the Logo Gallery

  • nullhogarth

    Was it an ironic choice that two of the images you posted here are upside down, or did you not actually mean it?

  • Michael Zhang

    That’s how the photographer intends for those two images to be presented. :)

  • incendiary

    I think the photographer has rotated them upside down. I just check on his website and they’re the same orientation. I like the handstand one. It looks like he’s hanging from the ceiling.

  • Banan Tarr

    Did he blur himself or did PetaPixel do that? Looks like the hand-stand one was taken fully nude…

  • Patrick Ahles

    If you would click on the link underneath the photo you would know ;)

  • Banan Tarr

    I’m guessing it’s NSFW (based on the caption) so … gonna abstain from clicking for now :)

  • Patrick Ahles

    Well, I’m not at work, and even then… :P

  • Christian DeBaun

    Some of the shots are very well composed with good lighting. I like the inverted ones, they make you stop and think. Now I want to go back through my archives and see if anything will work upside down :-)

  • agour

    Can’t quite believe that they’re self portraits, he’s mastered the art of nailing the timing!

  • dudung10

    Most of the photos would look better in color.