Photographer Learns Why You Shouldn’t Get Too Close to Wild Moose


Norwegian photographer Arvid Strømnes learned a lesson earlier this week about why you shouldn’t get too close to wild animals while trying to capture them on camera.

He was biking through a forested area near Fredrikstad, Norway this past Tuesday when he came upon a moose and its calf feeding on plants and leaves.

Rather than keep his distance and move on, Strømnes decided to pull out his camera and capture some footage of the animals up close. He managed to capture nearly four minutes of video with only a minor scare when the moose did a small charge at him as an act of intimidation:

Then, Strømnes captured himself getting charged again… this time for real. This second shot clip cuts out just as the photographer is being knocked to the ground:

Norwegian news site The Local reports that the territorial moose kicked him to the ground, and then pummeled him again when he tried to get on his feet. Miraculously, Strømnes escaped the incident with only a bruise.

“It was not that smart, but I got a real adrenaline rush,” Strømnes tells the Norwegian newspaper Fredriksstad Blad. “I understand those who will say that this was irresponsible.”

This story is strangely similar to another one we shared last month, in which photographer Dan Milner was headbutted in the lens after getting too close to a deer in the Scottish Highlands.

So what’s a safe distance between you and a wild animal? The US National Park Service commonly recommends putting at least 100 yards between you and predatory animals such as bears and wolves, and 25 yards when it comes to other wildlife such as nesting birds.

(via Fredriksstad Blad via The Local via HuffPo)



  • Matt S.

    A Møøse once bit my sister…

  • Renato Murakami

    And who’s to blame the moose? Guy not only keeps approaching but also shouts like an idiot.

  • Joshua Tobias George Barrett

    Was she Karving her initials on the møøse?

  • Gustavo González

    The moose was protecting its baby-calf. You can see it around min. 2 in the first video.

  • Hamachijohn

    any idiot that intrudes into a wild animal’s habitat and expects to come out unscathed is… well I guess I already said he’s an idiot. A photographer should respect nature and their environment

  • noallowancethisweek

    Idiot. Lucky he wasn’t hurt.

  • Alex Minkin

    moose me once shame on you, moose me twice…

  • Cool Matt

    That Moose is a real jerk.

  • Dave Maher

    The first approach/charge you can maybe call unwise but understandable. Continuing to harass her after she issued a loud and clear warning?? Seen this kind of idiocy compounded many times with tourists approaching a moose and calf by the side of the road with small children

  • wqwwqwq


  • 5435435

    must be your brother…..

  • Zombie Bird

    I was out shooting in the back country and thought I was being stalked by a mountain lion. Carefully I slowly started heading back to my truck, not to entice it to strike.
    Wound up being a peacock. It was in really tall wild grass under a tree with a large canopy.

  • SiriusPhotog

    He got less than he deserved.

  • Matt S.

    With the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her
    by Svenge, her brother-in-law, an Oslo dentist and star of many Norwegian møvies: “The Høt Hands of an Oslo Dentist”, “Fillings of
    Passion”, “The Huge Mølars of Horst Nordfink”.

  • AGuest

    Man, they’re giving those Darwin awards away like Skittles these days.

  • Photography DSLR

    Crazy man…

  • Adam Cross

    I just don’t understand the moronic need to get so close

  • markelliot


  • Assaf Lavie

    I scrolled to the comments with 0 doubt I would find this one already posted.

  • truefd

    Another reason why a cell phone as a camera sucks. With my 70-200, I would never have had to be that close. Just wait for the news reporters now armed with iphones to catch on fire trying to get a nice close-up of a burning house.

  • truefd

    Because he works for Chicago Sun times and has his new iphone camera. The zoom kind of sucks.

  • Angelo

    Exactly. What a jerk!! How many chances was mama moose supposed to give that creep to go back to HIS habitat (he got off easy, I’d say)?

  • Matthew

    This is why we can’t have nice things

  • Tim

    NOT a photographer.

  • Bob Honiker

    Every so often someone tries this with an Alligator too!

  • Tom_in_SFCA

    The dude deserved to get møøse-stomped even worse than he did! What the heck? Do not crowd the majestic møøse!

  • Abram Gotthardt

    growing up in alaska and having several run ins with these bohemoths i have no idea why you would approach one. They are HUGE. some people are just ignorant..

  • Dennis Warren

    not very cool under pressure…better stick to landscapes!!!

  • Peter Steeper

    People do stupid things around wildlife. We were driving through Banff and there was a herd of elk in meadow beside the road. One guy stopped his car in the middle of a four lane highway and ran over to the shoulder to take a picture of the elk. He was completely oblivious to the traffic and almost got hit. Amazing!

  • TK

    Just be glad that wasn’t a bull moose with a rack.