Images of Panasonic’s Rangefinder-Styled GX7 Leak One Month Early


Earlier this month, we told you that Panasonic was planning to jump onto the retro-style bandwagon sometime in August with the release of its GX7 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera.

At the time we only had a few illustrations and some preliminary specs, but now that we’re about a month out from the announcement, some official photos and a more comprehensive spec list have both surfaced.

Thanks to the folks over at fotoMAGAZIN and 43Rumors, we now get to compare what we thought the camera was going to look like to what it actually looks like. At the top you’ll see the leaked photos, and below the colorized diagram created by DICAHUB:


As you can see, the folks who thought this was going to look very similar to Panasonic’s L1 Four Thirds camera were pretty close.

As far as specs go, the leaked document indicates that the camera will come packing a 16-megapixel sensor (previously reported to be 18MP, 43 Rumors speculates that it might be a multi aspect sensor like in the GH2), tiltable 2.27 million dot EVF, on-sensor stabilization, up to 1/8000th shutter speed, 5fps continuous shooting (4 with continuous AF), focus peaking and integrated WiFi.

The camera should be announced sometime next month, with both all-black and black and silver options available and expected to ship in September. But before you commit to buying one, you should know that initial rumors of a steep price tag seemed to be spot on: the body only is expected to run you about $1,325 (1,000 euros).

Panasonic is also expected to release the GX7 in two different kits, alongside either a 20mm or 14-42mm lens.

(via 43 Rumors)

  • green_mother

    Panasonic seem to always charge a premium over and above Olympus for equivalent products – which amazes me given their brand doesn’t have the rich history that Olympus has.

    Not saying their stuff isn’t top notch, but they definitely make you pay what its worth :)

  • Alex Marlon

    looks like fuji x20

  • Lisa

    No viewfinder, no thanks.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Uhm, it has an viewfinder. Or do you mean an optical viewfinder?

  • Anonymous

    The EP-5 costs a fair amount more when you get the external electronic viewfinder to match. The Panasonic G6 is also a bargain by now, considering the competent video and audio it can record. The GH3 is of course the most expensive of the bunch, and that’s because of the stunning video capabilities.

    It only looks to me that Olympus should focus on getting their video specs up to date by now. I love their designs, but why pay somewhat similar prices for cameras with same sized sensors, but which that can’t do proper video nor audio? The answer is of course easy, if you just don’t shoot video.

  • David Safier

    oly has 5 axis much better and a sony sensor

  • David Safier

    it has a view finder flap

  • jowchie

    I was contemplating on getting a GH3 or an EP5… but it seems i will have to wait a little longer and see the complete specs on this one. Also, there is a bigger chance this will get a hacked firmware vs the EP5.

  • Danvil

    Just get a Fujifilm X-E1 with a full family of fast prime lenses and zooms and an
    APS -C sensor with a unique non-Bayer array and no low=pass filter. The jpegs are so good out of this camera that I rarely can improve with RAW and I’ve never been a jpeg shooter. You can see the SOOC shots on flicker.

  • TheNightstalker

    Actually, if they’re saying the body alone will cost $1325, that means you can get the E-P5 with the viewfinder and 17mm 1.8 (a $500 lens) in a kit for only $125 more.

  • MVVR

    I admire Fuji’s X line but ¬®full family of fast prime lenses and zooms¬® ? seriously ? You’re trying to argue in favor of Fuji against m43 on the basis of the lens catalog ? Sensor, sure, lenses ? hell no. Fuji is good no doubt, but m43 still has a HUGE advantage in both quality and variety. Also, Olympus OOC JPEG colors are unparalleled. This camera finally puts m43 in the same league as its competitors in terms of feature competitiveness. Now we only need to know how good the sensor is.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I want one for about $600. That is what they are worth “technically” to me. Cool is not worth paying this kind of premium….and I thought the Fuji X100S was way cool…for $1400 and I sold it. My DSLR is just so much better, albeit not cool.

  • Danvil

    Fuji makes some of the finest large format and scientific application lenses in the world and have made cameras and lenses for Hasselblad medium format. I have no idea why you say that m43 has a huge advantage in quality and variety. I can’t see the quality advantage and as far as variety, there are adapters for all kinds of lenses for the Fuji X family. I just bought a Contax adapter for my 50 mm f1.4 Zeiss lens and also for a Zeiss 28 mm. I picked up a Nikon adapter, so I can use a 100 mm f 2.8 macro lens.

    I have nothing against m43, but I will put up the Fuji X jpegs against any in existence. You also get an APS C sensor with the unique X Trans sensor that has no need for a low pass filter.. Good luck.