DSLR Giveaway: Win Your Choice of a Canon 6D or a Nikon D600!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced at the end of this post.


Time for a new giveaway, and this one is a doozie: for the first time in the history of this site, we’re giving away a free DSLR. Not just any ol’ DSLR, mind you, but a full frame camera. One lucky winner will be able to choose between a free Canon 6D or a free Nikon D600 — a $2,000 value!

Entering Takes Only a Few Seconds

Entering this giveaway is extremely simple. All you need to do is be a fan of our page on Facebook and enter with your email address. That’s it! We need your email so we can contact you if you win — it will not be used for anything after the giveaway.

Here’s the form (you can also enter directly on the giveaway page):

Want a Better Shot at Winning?

If you want extra entries in this giveaway, simply share the special link you’re shown after you enter. Every time someone clicks you link and enters, you’ll be given 1 additional entry!

Some Additional Details

This contest will end at midnight this Sunday, July 21st, 2013. A winner will be selected at random from all the entries received.

This giveaway is open to everyone — the camera can be shipped abroad if you’re an international reader outside the United States!

Good luck, and thanks so much for reading PetaPixel!

Update: Some readers have expressed concern over the fact that the giveaway app asks for permission to access your Facebook friends lists. This permission simply allows the app to share the fact that you entered the giveaway as a Facebook status. At no point will information about your friends (or ANY of your personal information for that matter) be collected by us. Thanks for the feedback!

Update on July 22nd, 2013: This giveaway is now over. We received a total of 28,380 entries. The randomly selected winner is…

Elena Shiampetta

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more awesome giveaways! We’re planning on giving away more DSLR cameras in the very near future.

  • Jeff

    No thanks. I’m all for giveaways and such, but not when your app needs access to my entire profile page and my friend list. Your $2000 camera is not worth giving up that much personal information.

  • Boka


  • Marc


  • gochugogi

    Wonder if the FB Sweepstakes app is some sort of a scam device?

  • Michael Zhang

    The giveaway is being done through Woobox — — the same system we’ve used for quite a few giveaways in the past.

    The app needs the permission in order to allow people to send out shares through the app. No other info is collected from you :)

    Of course, it’s up to each reader to decide whether or not they’d like to enter! For other giveaways, we’ll still do our comment-to-enter method.

    Thanks for the feedback, Jeff!

  • Michael Zhang

    Nope :D Same well-known service that we’ve used for giveaways many times in the past:

  • MJ Coffey

    Just entered. Would be awesome if I could finally replace my 20D with a 6D :) I never had any luck in my life but who knows.. Thank you for the giveaway, guys!

  • 3ric15

    More chances for me then….

  • Bill

    I liked it better when you just picked a random submitted email address from this disqus form.
    All for giveaways, but not allowing FB or other apps to dive into my personal data.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  • George Wallace

    Would love to replace my dying Olympus E400

  • Mantis

    Totally agree. I hope very few people enter this contest. Like nobody else.

  • Trythe1

    but I don’t have a facebook anymore!! why couldn’t this be “leave a comment” type of thing. Darn, I actually read the artilces on here :(

  • Simone Anne

    Love it! Thanks for the opportunity, Michael! :)

  • B. Adriano

    I was wondering why it wouldn’t let me click the like button on the form…then I realized that I had already like the Petapixel page on FB a long time ago.
    Good luck to everyone then.

  • Alex P

    Official Rules link is broken, can you verify?

  • Ed Clark

    i’d love one of these!! and find the fact that people are so paranoid about the information they put on a web based database quite worrying…. i don’t have any information on facebook that could be damaging to me or of real interest to anyone else except for trend analysis :)

  • Sean McCann

    It should have a box where you enter your email address and then you are entered. You do not have to be a new petapixel “liker” to enter.

  • Sean McCann

    *use the 2nd link

  • Bob Edwards

    You guys rock, great idea for a competition !

  • Michael Zhang

    Fixed. Sorry about that — there was indeed a typo in that link, which should have pointed back to this post

  • etothej

    Yeah people I wouldn’t enter if I were you because they will get ALL your personal data! Gives me a bigger chance of winning ;) Petapixel, you’re awesome!

  • kshapero

    Hell I don’t even use Facebook anymore.

  • Dwayne

    Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to those entered.

  • Jr Miller

    That’s just it…access to your contacts is worth way more than some $2000 camera to “them”. Protect your personal info at all costs. You can always buy a camera yourself.

  • The emperor has no clothes

    I would love to upgrade my D90 to a new full frame D600

  • Crabby Umbo

    I’m not even on FaceBook…in which case, I think this contest is illegal, as a guy who’s been in retail advertising for years, I can pretty much tell you that you can’t have a contest that excludes people for not being on FaceBook, it legally sort of requires that you would have to do something like “make a purchase” to be legit. Wouldn’t be the first time some Cyber-goof tech head did something illegal because they didn’t know any better….

  • jrt

    I’ll give up that information for one of these cameras, gladly. :)

  • Brian

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, quite awesome of you!

  • Arnie

    true! ++

  • rory


  • iowapipe

    the point is that you are sharing information about your friends through an automated system… maybe your friends would like to talk to you about how your share their contactability. You could of course, on your own, choose to share the info with any friend you have. But using an automated system to spam all your friends?

  • shrimpy


    just too evil

  • B. Adriano

    Got it. Thank you.

  • Gary O’Brien

    Fail. Camera’s not worth giving up my vow to avoid any and all FB apps.

  • Felipe Fujimori

    It should be a lifechanger for me.

  • AW

    If I click OK to the question it asks, will the app post a message about the competition on each of my friend’s walls, or will it give me the opportunity to share it on my own page which may appear in my friend’s newsfeed? It’s not clear which it is asking permission to do, but it implies the first one of those. The first one is not appropriate, but the second is OK.

  • Jon

    Why does every contest need to use facebook? Not everyone uses it.

  • Jona

    Guys, if you are part of Facebook most likely your personal information has already been compromised. Do you think that by allowing another application to access your account will make a difference? Well, better for me and the rest of the people who would love to acquire and possibly win a camera! If you are part of this blog that means you love photography, I know I do and I it will mean the world to win one of these cameras! Cheers… Thank you PetaPixel for doing such a generous Giveaway! You guys rock!!!

  • Michael Zhang

    It will share a news bit that you entered the contest on your personal page, which may or may not appear in your friends’ streams :)

  • Vita Razgale

    Love this offer!

  • eduardnic

    More chances for me then…

  • AW

    OK, good that’s fine, thanks. That message could be worded more clearly.

  • Sam Nicko

    Awesome! Thank you for your generosity hosting this Amazing Giveaway Entered, Liked and Shared NIKON D600 is my personal choice.

  • Mansgame, yo

    I already own one of those cameras, so thanks but no thanks. I hope people realize that they’ll get a 1099 form after they win this and have to pay the $800 tax for it.

  • Lifesart

    No thanks. I quit Facebook a few years ago and I won’t re-up just to not win a camera. Let me know when you want fans who are not slaves to the internet social scene.

  • Wizard

    I hope I win would be a nice adition

  • Michael Zhang

    We’ll certainly rethink how we word things the next time around :) Thanks

  • iamjohnwhite

    I just entered. I’ve never won a single online giveaway before.. Fingers crossed I suppose

  • Froggy

    All the the “personal info” that they’ll get is what bands, books, and movies you like so the ads on FB are targeted to you. It’s not like they’re putting a camera in your home like the new Xbox One does.

  • Liz in WA

    I was thinking, that I would sell my first born son for that camera, lol. So yes, you can post on my Facebook wall. Of course, I actually have a first born son, and no you can’t have that. He’s all grown up and eats a lot, and has extensive tastes in electronic ‘toys’ so I’m sure you don’t want him anyway.