Presenting… Baby Bangs


As baby photographers will tell you, there are a lot of props out there on the market for photographing infants. And, as is the nature of portrait photography, many of these props have a life cycle of a couple years and then, it’s on to the next Big Thing. Or, since it’s babies, Little Thing.

Fairy/angel wings were all the rage twenty years ago, and then ginormous bows attached to headbands hit the baby market. We’ve witnessed the birth of colorful infant tutus which can still be found everywhere, even in Costco, and then, of course, we’ve all seen those adorable knit baby hats which are now a staple in the world of newborn photography.

Putting things on babies’ heads and bodies is not new, but there’s a product out there now that puts all those bows and knit hats and tutus to shame…

It’s called “Baby Bangs,” and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.


“Baby Bangs” are tiny headbands to which monofiber lifelike hair is attached, turning a sweet little bald head into a thick dome of hair.

They are baby wigs.

My friend, Kevin, shared this with me today, and for the life of me, I couldn’t form words. I sat at the computer, hands poised over the keyboard, speechless. And as you’ve probably surmised by now, it takes a lot to render me speechless.

The company bills the product as a “new hair accessory/enhancement,” but my question is…why do babies need enhancing?  I understand that baldness affects millions of people and can be caused from anything from illness to genetics and for many, a wig is crucial to regaining confidence and self-esteem.

But, babies?


Do they feel better out and about in public because they now have bangs? Do they even know they are bald? Is this really an issue?

Now, to be fair, it doesn’t appear that these baby wigs are harmful in any way and I can see the cuteness in the pictures (that little red wig is pretty adorable) but still, what will Sally think when she looks back on pictures of herself as a baby with a wig on? I’m thinking Sally is in for some pricey counseling and hours on a therapist’s couch to discover why her parents didn’t love her bald head just as it was.

And what about baby Timmy? The website says “Baby Bangs” are made exclusively for little girls — what if baby Timmy wants to rock out a Justin Bieber look? Should he be forced to bear the shame of a bald baby head? Is he destined to be the laughing stock of his Mommy and Me group?


Where does it all end? I worry this could set a bad precedent. Today, it’s wigs, but what about tomorrow? If somewhere down the road you begin to see other pint-sized baby enhancements: baby press-on nails, baby collagen injections, baby Spanx…don’t be surprised.

  • trevorcoultart

    I didn’t write this review, but it pretty much sums up what I feel about these things:

  • Alex Minkin

    no. no no no no no.

  • Mike



  • Scott Mains

    …Petapixel? Seriously. Get back to working on decent articles with decent photographers. Less equipment shakedowns, less waffle like this. Step it up!

  • Gman

    less fauxtography too!

  • Jeff C.
  • Michael Zinfandel Rork

    These are almost as bad… It’s a good thing these ones are fake at least.

  • Talula

    I’d like these better if they make some for boys, with chops! Like really big hairy chops, like an English farmer.

  • JoanieGranola

    Ugh – creepy. And this is probably how Toddlers and Tiaras got started.

  • Adam Cross

    nope. no. getting out of here, internet exit right here. (just like “that” part of YouTube you end up in at 2am)

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    this gives me a great idea. dentures for newborns!

  • pgb0517

    None of what you mention is as bad as piercing a baby’s ears. I recall the time I learned that people even did this. I was walking by a Piercing Pagoda (I think that was the name) in a mall, back in the early ’80s, and heard a baby screaming her poor heart out. I thought then and still believe that is child abuse.

  • pgb0517

    PetaPixel continues to post plenty of great articles. I thought this was interesting and relevant. It’s OK.

  • Brent

    That’s just creepy… thank God my baby has a full head of hair, lol.

  • Linda

    This is wrong in sooo many ways. I love bald babies.

  • Rick Bennett

    Please tell me this is a joke. Their key product image, the largest one on their page, was taken using on-camera flash, and they didn’t even bother to eliminate the red-eye. WTF?
    Then again, photographers probably aren’t their target market–grandmas with a P&S are.

  • Jake

    Because babies are too young to feel self-conscious about their looks or understand the great things we all take for granted like social pressure and accessorizing.

  • Darcy

    I laughed at first and then went hmmm. I definitely see the appeal of this for Halloween, where my blonde baby could be sporting raven locks in a Wonder Woman costume.