The Hunt for a GoPro Containing Photos of a Widower’s Last Happy Memories


Sad news from the Whistler ski resort in Canada, where a weekend search for a missing GoPro camera with priceless images for a newly widowed skier turned up nothing.

Australian couple Matt Lorraway and Rebecca Ware had a great vacation at Whistler last February, with Ware trying out skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ziplining, all captured on Lorraway’s helmet-mounted GoPro. Sadly, the camera fell off and got lost in the snow on one of their last ski runs.

goproThat loss became absolutely tragic, however, in light of what happened when they returned home. Ware went to the hospital for relief from unusual pain, was diagnosed with leukemia, and died five days later.

“It’s truly tragic — and even more that they lost their last memories together,” Whistler Good Samaritan Daniel Grandja told the regional Province newspaper.

Grandja tried to help by organizing a search of the ski slopes last weekend, figuring there’d be a chance of locating the camera now that the snow has melted.

“It may seem impossible, but I have other friends who lost their camera, and they came back after the ski season and found it,” he said.


Sadly, after more than three hours of hiking on the slopes, volunteers came up empty-handed, Grandja reported on the Facebook page for the search.

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, the camera has a Monster Energy sticker on it and was lost at the top of the Creekside gondola. See the Facebook page for contact details.

(via Camera Hunt via The Province)

Image credits: Photos by Matt Lorraway via Camera Hunt/Facebook

  • Johan

    That is a really tragic loss. I wonder if the camera will still be working, in-case it must be affected by water since so long.

  • aa

    I hope they find it!

  • bbisinger

    There was a good article a while back about a GoPro that survived under water for a year in a protective case… my guess is this one would still work!

  • makingSTUFFup

    They weren’t married. Therefore, there is no “widower” to speak of.

  • Lacy Kemp

    I’m up in that exact spot most weekends. I’ll spread the word.

  • Patrick Ahles

    How insensitive…

  • IdiotGuy

    Did it say that they weren’t married? Pretty sure it didn’t so they could very well be married and she just didn’t take his last name. Not uncommon nowadays.