Humorous Samsung Video Takes on the Perception that Bigger Cameras are Better

When it comes to cameras, is bigger always better? Samsung didn’t try to answer that question, but the company did shoot a funny video that shows pretty clearly that the general public seems to think the answer is “yes,” even if there’s no difference at all.

Sort of a cross between a prank video ala Candid Camera and a Pepsi Challenge, Samsung sent two reps out with two NX300s to take pictures of willing strangers. They then disguised one of the cameras inside a DSLR shell.


Over the course of the day, the reps took essentially the same exact photo of people on the street using these ‘different cameras,’ and then asked them to pick the best result. Solely based on image quality (which, since it was the same camera, was identical), the participants almost unanimously picked the DSLR.

When asked why that one, the answers ranged from perceived differences in image brightness to “that one looks more professional.” One honest lady was straightforward enough to say “this ought to be better because it’s bigger.”

Of course, at the end the reps let everyone in on the truth to various “whoa” like reactions, and though there might not be much to learn here, it’s still interesting to see how the size of a camera changes people’s perception of an image’s quality. Check out the prank at the top to see it all for yourself.

(via Mirrorless Rumors)

  • Mike

    Very good. Who the heck needs DSLRs for this kind of photography?

  • ziplock9000

    What a stupid exercise. They are comparing the images in a PREVIEW screen.

  • bogorad

    But certainly all the difference is in usability – if you’re content with compositing on the smallish screen (blinded by the sunlight), lack of controls etc, you’re perfectly fine with nx300, its sensor is probably better than your that in your DSLR of yesteryear.

  • Renato Murakami

    Heh, Canon should learn from this.
    Of course there are advantages in taking pics with dSLRs, but Samsung seems to know better how to advertise to the casual/amateur crowd.

  • Horst Wrabetz

    you TOTALLY understood this video.

  • Averageguy

    Haha, wonder how surprised they will look when the samsung customer service gives a s*** about their crappy broken nx300s!

  • hysyanz

    ok so now compare the images from a real DSLR to that of the smaller camera.

  • Andrew Iverson

    What’s with the laugh track?

    Also, this is nothing new, preconceived notions always win out. Take someone, have him go to a job interview in a suit and in causal wear, the suit will win out even though he’s the same. That’s not even with actual technical differences with cameras (fps, dof, sensor size, etc)

  • sheckie

    If this was conducted (or staged) by someone other than the manufacturer then I’d give it a little weight. As it is, it’s nothing more than your typical ad.

  • Jennifer

    This is a rip-off of the Bing vs. Google commercial.

  • Mir Lada @ Boa

    Comments are bang on. I think it is a very well done commercial. It is solely aimed at a shockingly large number of people who buy a DSLR with a kit lens, thinking it will take better photos, only use popup flash, still hold it out at arms length, use the screen to compose snapshots outside on a sunny day, and leave their DSLR on the green square “idiot” mode. Years ago I forgot my camera bag with DSLR in my living room, and realized that only getting out of taxi at airport on way to a Mexico family vacation at a 5 star resort. At my vacation, I borrowed a cheap very old Casio compact from family member. If you know how to properly operate a DSLR and compact camera; know how to compose good photos; and do some magic in post with something like Lightroom…any camera can take a decent photo. After I finished the shots, any of them could have run as a half page in a travel magazine. Would they have been even better with a DSLR? Yes. Would I have taken my DSLR in all those settings? Likely not. It is being able to quickly control all functions, and choose the proper settings to master the situation, and pull off the best possible shot in the circumstance, especially with a fast-moving scene, that the DSLR excels….which is the opposite of this demo.

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    total bs. obviously they left out anybody who thought the smaller camera was better or who couldn’t see a difference and they never actually compared this camera to an actual dslr so there’s no point to any of this at all.

  • Bob

    Mind you it’s not so stupid to think that bigger is better. It’s always been a pattern in the technological progress. If you want smaller you have to sacrifice something else and having apps or an android system in your camera won’t change it…

  • Bob

    Yes it’s true they know how to advertise but Canon and Nikon don’t play in the same league either. You’re right though, a real camera enthusiast would not be touched by this add anyway because he knows where he stands already.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Is Samsung up for comparison to a 4×5 view camera?

  • mangomango

    Interesting that Samsung’s phone ads are the other way around – “Bigger phone is better” …

  • bob

    I agree, the validity of this article is no better than the commenter to the article trying to provide validity.

  • Hanel


  • Wilba

    Why DSLR? Because viewfinder!

  • Jeremy Chan

    I want to know where i can get that DSLR Shell

  • Gman

    this was done by Sony for the NEX about a year ago

  • mister monster

    I’m curious to see some real photographers comparing the images, I wonder how many of them would zoom in 100% and check for chromatic aberrations and dynamic range lol

  • Kurt B

    Can’t watch the video anymore. It has been removed by the poster.

  • bmassao

    True that

  • sarah lancial

    It always bugged me when someone would buy a $500+ DSLR that they don’t know how to use. Then use the lowest resolution on and wonder why the picture come out looking like crap. I always wanted to grab them, shake them , and yell “if you didn’t want to take a 25 megapixel image why did you buy a camera that large.” grrrr!!

  • zink

    from my cold dead hands… you will never take my dslr.

  • Deirdre Ryan Photography

    Video no longer accessible :(